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Postpartum Adherence to HIV treatment and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission Strategies: The Implications of Transitions Among Women Living with HIV in Kisumu County, Kenya. Emily Tuthill Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Identifying Reasons for Late-Diagnosis of HIV: An Academic-Community Partnership to Improve Health Outcomes Wilson Vincent Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Exploring HIV care of highly mobile HIV-positive youth living in Kenya and Uganda: qualitative study to identify gaps in the HIV care cascade and evaluate feasible intervention options Irene Maeri Spring International Mentored Scientist Award
Characterization of HIV multiple splicing stage aiming to efficiently reverse HIV latency Sara Moron-Lopez Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Enhancing case-based and behavioral surveillance for key populations in Alameda County Willi McFarland Fall FY2019 EHE Supplements
Optimizing novel strategies to increase virologic suppression rates among unstably housed patients living with HIV Matthew Hickey Fall FY2019 EHE Supplements
Evaluating gaps and improving immediate linkage and ART initiation in the Bay Area Albert Liu Fall FY2019 EHE Supplements
The role of pulmonary myeloid cells in HIV-related COPD in individuals on anti-retroviral therapy Joshua Vasquez Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Are extracellular vesicles involved in the pathogenesis of HIV-associated cardiovascular disease? Erika Marques de Menezes Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Exploring the intersection of food insecurity and violence among women in the Women’s Interagency HIV Study (WIHS) Anna Leddy Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Objective medication adherence monitoring for geographically mobile persons living with HIV Pamela Murnane Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Testing Medicinal Plants from Uganda for HIV Latency Reversing Activity Emmanuel Mande Spring International Mentored Scientist Award
Improving clinical care for HIV-infected transplant patients by innovations in rejection diagnostics Arya Zarinsefat Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Structure-based Tat/TAR inhibitor screening for the development of novel treatments and a cure for HIV/AIDS Ursula Schulze-Gahmen Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Locating perceptions of HIV acquisition and transmission risks among people who inject drugs in West Virginia Sarah Mars Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Understanding factors that facilitate effective uptake and integration of health interventions in South African primary health care clinics van Heerden Alastair, Fall International Mentored Scientist Award
Defining the cellular and viral factors underlying HIV latency at the single cell level Sushama Telwatte Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Untangling the Gordian knot of HIV, stress, and cognitive function via a mixed methods study of food insecurity Judy Tan Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Pneumo-seq pathogen and antimicrobial resistance surveillance in Ugandan HIV positive adults with pneumonia Chaz Langelier, Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Epigenetic architecture of stress among sexual minority men living with HIV Annesa Flentje Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Patients and peer navigators lived experiences and drivers for creating a successful personalized adaptive care relationship to treat lapses HIV treatment retention: a longitudinal qualitative study Zachary Kwena Fall International Mentored Scientist Award
Modeling the impacts of HIV self-testing among men who have sex with men in South Africa Emily Agnew Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Gut metabolites and their role in diastolic dysfunction in HIV+ individuals Nalini Colaco Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Sprouty 1 and 2 Regulation of Cytotoxicity in HIV-specific CD8+ T Cells Hesham Shehata Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Estimating the Effect of Indoor Residual Spraying on Maternal Mortality, Low-Birthweight and Perinatal Mortality Among HIV-Infected Pregnant Women Living in the HAART Era Hugh Sturrock Spring Pilot Award
Understanding the impact of an income generating agricultural intervention on sexual behaviour and psychological well being of adolescent girls and young women living in a high HIV urban setting in Western Kenya Mariacianah Onono Spring International Mentored Scientist Award
A Multimodal Evaluation of the Clinic Experience for HIV Patients in Zambia Aaloke Mody Spring Implementation Science Scholar Award
Understanding the Hypertension screening gap in Uganda's HIV primary care setting Aggrey Semeere Spring Implementation Science Scholar Award
CD30/CD30L signaling pathways in HIV-1 mediated B cell dysfunction Louise Hogan, Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Reactivation of HIV transcription from latently infected cells by some Iranian herbal extracts Omid Madadgar Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Cellular targets of early viral replication in RhCMV/SIV-vaccinated macaques with Mamu-E-restricted T cell responses Kawthar Machmach Spring Mentored Scientist Award
The SUPrEME Study: Substance Use and PrEP adherence among Men who have sex with Men Milo Santos Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Understanding how trafficking of blood CD4 T cells into HIV-infected lymphoid tissues triggers sensitivity to pyroptotic cell death Eytan Herzig Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Developing a Mobile Application for Optimizing HIV Care and Treatment and Healthy Aging Outcomes in Older Men of Color Living with HIV Judy Tan Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Impact of a novel multicomponent nutrition intervention on cardiovascular disease risk factors among food-insecure adults with HIV in the Dominican Republic Kartika Palar Spring Mentored Scientist Award
NK-CTL induction by RhCMV-based vaccines Gema Mendez-Lagares Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Procyanadin Reactivates Latent HIV Daniele Cary Fall Pilot Award
Targeted Behavioral Incentives for Improving Tuberculosis (TB) Diagnostic Evaluation Outcomes Priya Shete Spring Mentored Scientist Award
PrEP Awareness and Acceptability among Women Involved in the Criminal Justice System Emily Dauria Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Does non-pyroptotic IFI16 signaling promote HIV pathogenesis by recruiting new target cells to die? Tom Packard, Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Addressing Sexual Dysfunction in Anal Cancer Survivorship for HIV-Infected Men Who Have Sex With Men Chia-Ching Wang Spring Pilot Award
Assessing HIV-specific CD8+ T Cell Exhaustion During Antiretroviral Therapy Rachel Rutishauser Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Transcriptome analysis of HIV latently infected cells Koh Fujinaga Spring Basic Science Award
Investigating the impact of in utero HIV or malaria exposure on CD4+ T cell development Pamela Odorizzi Spring Mentored Scientist Award
The Role of LEDGF in establishing HIV latency in primary CD4 T cells Judd Hultquist Spring Basic Science Award
Impact of V1/V2 Length and Cysteine Composition on Env Function and Neutralization Marielle Cavrois Fall Pilot Award
Designing and pilot testing a cohort study of people who inject drugs to assess the effect of opiate agonist therapies on HIV and HCV incidence, Kerman, Iran. Ali Mirzazadeh Fall Pilot Award
Rapid Genetic Interaction Mapping of HIV-1 Host Factors in Cultured T-Cells David Gordon Fall Basic Science Award
Determining the Role of TGF-β Signaling in Maintaining HIV Latency in the Gut Shahzada Khan Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Effects of Emtricitabine/tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Use on Kidney Health in HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Vasantha Jotwani Fall Mentored Scientist Award