Basic/Translational Science Core


Peter Hunt, MD

The new Basic/Translational Science Core comprises three subcores: 

Immunology and Functional Genomics Subcore

This core is a collaboration between UCSF's CIL and Gladstone's Flow Core.

Core Immunology Lab (CIL)

  • Purpose is to support students and trainees basic and translational research projects with expertise, instruments, and assays

Gladstone Flow Core

  • Purpose is to provide researchers with cytometry training, expertise and instruments to perform experiments.

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Pharmacology of Cure and Pathogenesis Subcore

State-of-the-art pharmacology facility at UCSF's Drug Research Unit (DRU), a collaboration across UCSF's Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy

  • PK/PD in HIV cure studies
  • Tissue drug levels
  • Catabolites relevant to HIV pathogenesis

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Bioinformatics Subcore (New)

  • Embedded scholar model to expand bioinformatics capacity across labs
  • Leverages major UCSF investment in Parnassus Co-Labs
  • Created monthly "Multi-Omics" seminar/WIP series to nurture and connect user community
  • Integrated with new multiparameter technologies in Immunology core

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