International Mentored Scientist Award

The CFAR International Mentored Scientist Award in HIV/AIDS is currently being offered during the Fall 2022 UCSF Resource Allocation Program (RAP) Cycle, deadline February 27, 2023.

The International Mentored Scientist Award seeks to provide a mentored career development opportunity in HIV research for international investigators affiliated with UCSF. Applicants for this award must indicate a UCSF-affiliated faculty research mentor(s) in HIV who will commit to guiding the applicant for the application process and throughout the duration of the proposed project. Project proposals should be geared toward the interests of the applicant (e.g., clinical, basic, implementation science and/or behavioral-epidemiological research) and focus on HIV research in the investigator’s home country.

Researchers (all levels), post-doctoral fellows, and trainees located at a UCSF-affiliated foreign institution who have not received an NIH R01- equivalent grant in HIV/AIDS are eligible. Please note that CFAR is not allowed to provide funding to any investigators who have received HIV-related R01 awards. More senior faculty members may apply only if they are newly entering the field of HIV research.

Designation of Mentor (Critical)

Mentoring is critical to the training component of the CFAR International Mentored Scientist awards. All International Mentored award applications require a faculty research mentor from UCSF or a UCSF-affiliated institution ( Applications without a mentor will be disqualified.

Applicants must identify their UCSF-affiliated mentors and arrange to receive mentor advice and guidance on the research portion of their application well before it is submitted (typically at least two months before the RAP deadline). CFAR is no longer available to assist with mentor identification.

Projects must be within NIH’s HIV/AIDS research high or medium priority areas. Projects in closely related areas (e.g. TB, HCV, drug use, etc.) must be clearly linked to HIV in order to be eligible for CFAR funding.

The award amount is $30,000 in direct costs for one year.
For more detailed information about this RFA, please see the RAP Portal.

International Mentored Science Awardees