International Mentored Scientist Award

Impact Evaluation of a Primary Care Health System Strengthening Intervention on HIV and TB services in Kono and Kailahun Districts, Sierra Leone

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The overall objective of the parent study led by PIH is to evaluate the impact of a comprehensive primary care health systems strengthening intervention in Kono District, Sierra Leone. PIH’s evaluation compares 4 intervention with 7 non-intervention clinics in Kono District. The PIH intervention is a health-systems strengthening intervention that will horizontally integrate clinical and related services in a highly vertical donor-driven system; this includes infrastructure, mentorship, training, and supply chain management. In this project I propose a modest addition to a large evaluation project being undertaken by PIH to provide an additional control group that is less likely to have been contaminated. I will lead a new evaluation component that will sample clinics in the neighboring Kailahun District using the same methods and staff as the PIH parent study. In addition, I will conduct a cost analysis of the intervention. This study will generate evidence that will be used to convince donor agencies to direct their funds to support health systems strengthening