Scientific Working Group on Housing

The scientific working group (SWG) on Housing is the first of its kind at any CFAR. This SWG aims to accelerate research to understand and address massive disparities in HIV outcomes among people experiencing HUH. Homelessness and unstable housing have been recognized as major barriers to reducing HIV incidence and improving HIV viral suppression for over two decades, and continue to impede Ending the HIV Epidemic goals. As the housing crisis worsens in the San Francisco Bay Area, the State of California, and across the country, new approaches to health care delivery and research aimed at improving strategies to address disparities in HIV outcomes by housing status are critically needed.

The CFAR SWG on Housing will serve as a hub for multidisciplinary researchers, community stakeholders, implementers, and policymakers seeking to understand, test, and disseminate strategies for improving HIV care engagement, treatment and prevention outcomes among people experiencing HUH.


  1. Foster a local community of practice for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to accelerate research on HIV and homelessness/unstable housing
  2. Support the reciprocal exchange of ideas between academia and community stakeholders
  3. Mentor and support early stage investigators (ESIs) focused on HIV and homelessness/unstable housing research


  1. Convene bi-monthly research meetings to discuss relevant research methods, review new seminal publications related to HIV and housing, and host “works in progress” for ESIs to share their work and receive feedback from peers and established investigators.
  2. Host an annual symposium with the Intersectionality SWG on applied intersectionality and housing research to foster application of our respective frameworks and methods to address disparities in HIV outcomes.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Housing SWG, please sign up here

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  1. Our next meeting is November 9th, 9:40a-10:30a (via Zoom) and will be co-hosted with the Intersectionality SWG. At this meeting we will spotlight research on the POP-UP low-barrier care model for HIV treatment by Drs. Elizabeth Imbert and Matt Hickey and newly-funded intersectionality research by Dr. Jenni Jain.
  2. Meetings are every other month (alternating with the Scientific Working Group on Intersectionality) - Wednesdays from 10am-11am @ via Zoom