Science and Cores

Our Center's central goal is facilitating scientific progress in HIV by providing the broadest community of member investigators with direct services and other means that result in important collaborative work. CFAR assembles scientific teams across our distributed research environment. We support those efforts with direct and indirect resources such as access to emerging technologies and availability of dynamic scientific cores.

Clinical, Basic, and Behavioral reserach
CFAR programs are designed to bring together scientists from different disciplines to stimulate "outside-the-box" thinking.
Our research cores operate within a larger network of clinical and scientific laboratories housed on the various UCSF campuses. These laboratories provide member investigators with access to a wide array of specialized services and significant technical expertise. Each core provides technical assistance to projects appropriate to our scientific mission, including the development of unique diagnostic assays, genomic tests and similar tools. Core directors are encouraged to support ground-breaking clinical developments or novel research initiatives by leveraging CFAR funding to acquire critical new equipment or develop new techniques and protocols.