Khamisi Musanje, M.A.

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Khamisi Musanje, M.A.

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Assistant Lecturer, School of Psychology Makerere University. Co-investigator on an on-going research project funded by Makerere University Research and Innovations Fund-Muk-RIF3.  

“Why fight when stuff gets tough? we have the here and now that should count. Khamisi Musanje is Ugandan based researcher who is passionate about using mindfulness and self-acceptance to support mental health of young people living with HIV/AIDS. With bachelors and Master’s degrees in Psychology, Khamisi is undertaking doctoral studies at Makerere University-Uganda, dedicating his time to promote incorporation of mindfulness and acceptance into HIV care services for young people by generating needed evidence. With just a basic science, we can make such a frantic world better for young people.

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