Erika Marques de Menezes, PhD

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Erika Marques de Menezes, PhD

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Scientist, Vitalant Research Institute
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Erika Marques de Menezes is a scientist in Philip Norris' laboratory at Vitalant Research Institute. Erika received her Ph.D in Clinical Research in Brazil, from the University of Sao Paulo, where her research focused on the area of infectious diseases, working on bone metabolism in the context of HIV infected subjects at risk of osteoporosis. Erika joined the Norris´s Lab, in May 2017 as post-doctoral fellow and worked on immune responses to extracellular vesicles. She acquired expertise in the fast-growing fields of extracellular vesicles, and was promoted to Scientist I in April 2020. Her current research focus is to understand the role of extracellular vesicles and their molecular cargos in the pathogenesis of HIV associated osteoporosis, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular disease.

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