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The Clinical and Public Health Impact of Automated Nucleic Acid Testing for TB in San Francisco J.Lucian Davis Fall Pilot Award
Examining Sexual Concurrency and Sexual Networks among Married Fishermen Couples in Kisumu District, Kenya Zachary Kwena Fall International Mentored Scientist Award
New Approaches in the Diagnosis and Treatment of AIDS-Related Primary CNS Lymphoma James Rubenstein Fall HIV and Malignancies
Differences in Humoral Immune Response to Plasmodium falciparum in HIV-1-Infected and HIV-Exposed/Uninfected Ugandan Children Chris Keh Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Acceptability, Feasibility, and Efficacy of Vaginal Insemination for Conception in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Discordant Couples (Female Positive, Male Negative) Seeking Pregnancy in Kenya Okeoma Mmeje Fall Pilot Award
The Importance of Routine Viral Load Monitoring: The Effect of Delayed Regimen Modification Following Virologic Failure of First-Line Antiretroviral Treatment among HIV-Infected Adults in Sub-Saharan Africa Maya Petersen Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Drug and Alcohol Abuses, Risky Sexual Behaviors, and HIV Risk among Sex Workers and Their Clients in Preah Sihanouk Province, Cambodia: A Pilot Study and Assessment of Prevention Opportunities Marie-Claude Couture Fall Pilot Award
Testing the Performance and Local Laboratory Capacity for p16 <sup>INK4a</sup> ELISA for Cervical Cancer Screening Among HIV-Infected Women in Western Kenya Megan Huchko Fall HIV and Malignancies
Building a Population-Based Cancer Registry in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: A Pilot Project to Evaluate Completeness and Validity of Pathologic Data Katherine Van Loon Fall HIV and Malignancies
Effect of Malaria Chemoprevention on Naturally Acquired T-Cell Mediated Immunity to Malaria Margaret Feeney Spring Pilot Award
Implementing a Sampling-based Approach to Measuring Patient Outcomes Among HIV-infected Patients Lost to Follow-up in East Africa: the I-SAMPOLE Study Elvin Geng Spring Pilot Award
Family Planning Use Among Female Clients Attending The HIV/AIDS Clinic In Mbarara University Teaching Hospital Winnie Muyindike Spring International Mentored Scientist Award
Biomarkers of Atherosclerosis Risk in HIV-1 Infection Elizabeth Sinclair Spring Pilot Award
Property Rights and HIVIAIDS Prevention: Examining the Impact of a Community Land and Property WatchDog Model In Nyanza and Western Provinces, Kenya Shari Dworkin Spring Pilot Award
pDC Activation and Chronic Immune Activation in AIDS Richard Dunham Spring Basic Science Award
Do HIV Neutralizing Antibodies Recognize Inflammatory-mimetic Modifications of the HIV gp41 MPR? Vincent Venditto Spring Basic Science Award
Provision of Extended Nevirapine to Breastfeeding Infants to Reduce Postnatal Transmission of HIV in a Resource-limited Setting: Feasibility, Safety and Effectiveness in a Real world Setting Khady Diouf Spring Pilot Award
Functional Characterization of a Novel Counteregulator CD4 T cell in Primary HIV-1 Infection Lishomwa Ndhlovu Fall Pilot Award
Determining the Feasibility and Accuracy of a Novel Biomarker for Cervical Dysplasia Among HIV-Infected Women in Western Kenya Megan Huchko Fall HIV and Malignancies
HIV-1 Genital Shedding in Women Before and After Treatment for Cervical Dysplasia Megan Huchko Fall Pilot Award
SAHA Induced Mechanism of HIV Reactivation from Latency Koen Bartholomeeusen Fall Basic Science Award
HPV-associated Disruption of Anal Epithelium may Facilitate HIV Mucosal Transmission Sharof Tugizov Fall Basic Science Award
Non-Commercial Culture Methods for Rapid Screening of Patients at Risk of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Zimbabwe John Metcalfe Fall Pilot Award
Acceptability and Feasibility of Serial HIV Antibody Testing to Detect Incident HIV Infection During Pregnancy and Lactation and Partner Testing in Tororo, Uganda Lena Kim Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Exploring the Tolerogenic Fetal Immune Response to in utero Exposure to HIV and/or Malaria Trevor Burt Fall Outside-the-Box AIDS Vaccine
Investigation of HIV Levels, Latent Reservoirs, and Mechanisms of Latency in the Gut Steven Yukl Fall Pilot Award
Determinants of Late-Stage Diagnosis of HIV-Associated Kaposi Sarcoma in Africa Erin Amerson Fall HIV and Malignancies
APOBEC3+ Retrovirus Particles as B-Cell Immunogens Warner Greene Fall Outside-the-Box AIDS Vaccine
HERV-specific CD4+ T Cell Responses in HIV-1 Infected Individuals Devi SenGupta Fall Pilot Award
Prevention of TB in HIV-infected Children in Kenya: An Evaluation of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy Lisa Dillabaugh Fall Pilot Award
Predictors and Optimal Diagnostics of Placental Malaria in Tororo, Uganda Veronica Ades Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Colorectal Neoplasia and Cancer among Patients with HIV Infection Ma Somsouk Fall HIV and Malignancies
Investigation of the Effects of IL-2 on the Frequency of FcRL3+ Tregs and T cell Activation in HIV-infected Patients Louise Swainson Fall Basic Science Award
CD96 Regulation and the Impact on T Cell Effector Functions during HIV-1 Infection Emily Eriksson Fall Mentored Scientist Award
New Approaches in the Diagnosis and Treatment of AIDS-Related Primary CNS Lymphoma James Rubenstein Fall HIV and Malignancies
Differential Regulation of Basal and Tat-mediated HIV Transcription by Acetylation of P-TEFb Sungyoo Cho Fall Basic Science Award
Pathology of Kaposi's Sarcoma-Related Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome Jeffrey Martin Spring HIV and Malignancies
Do Human Natural Killer Cells Acquire Immune Memory to Viral Infections? Lewis Lanier Spring Basic Science Award
Immunosenescence Profiles: A Comparison of Remitters and Non-Remitters in HIV-Related Kaposi Sarcoma Before and After Patrick Unemori Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Sex Differences in Patterns of Migration and HIV Risk in Western Kenya Carol Camlin Spring Pilot Award
Prevalence, Incidence and Correlates of Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Infection in HIV-Infected and HIV-Uninfected Ugandan Children Lisa Butler Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Training in Clinical Research: Minimizing HIV Infection of the Blood Supply in Resource-Limited Countries Edward Murphy Spring Fogarty Award
Enhancement of clinical research and data analysis skills for the analysis of the effects of women's HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and testing status on their infant feeding intentions and practices. Janet Turan Spring Fogarty Award
Laying the Groundwork to Test a Science-Based Gender Transformative HIV prevention Intervention with Heterosexually Active Men in South Africa Shari Dworkin Spring Pilot Award
Inflammatory Biomarkers in Acute and Early HIV Infection Vivek Jain Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Formative Research for the Adaptation of an Intervention of HIVAIDS Service Providers on Gender-Based Violence in Rural Western Kenya Janet Turan Spring Pilot Award
Kisumu Street Children: A Pilot Study of STIs and HIV in Social Context Colette Auerswald Fall Pilot Award
Effect of Gluccocorticoids on Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses During HIV Infection Jeffrey Milush Fall Mentored Scientist Award
The Impact of Household Ventilation on Transmission of Tuberculosis Among Household Contacts of Active Tuberculosis Patients in Kampala, Uganda Gabriel Chamie Fall Mentored Scientist Award
The Effect of CD4+ Count on Cardiovascular Risk in Treated HIV Disease Priscilla Hsue Fall Pilot Award