Pilot Award

CFAR offered a general Pilot Award program from 1994 to 2017 and funded 82 early stage investigators.

In 2022, CFAR initiated a new program: Pilot Award for Investigators New to HIV.

82 Awards

Award Recipient Award date Award Type
Estimating the Effect of Indoor Residual Spraying on Maternal Mortality, Low-Birthweight and Perinatal Mortality Among HIV-Infected Pregnant Women Living in the HAART Era Hugh Sturrock Spring Pilot Award
Procyanadin Reactivates Latent HIV Daniele Cary Fall Pilot Award
Addressing Sexual Dysfunction in Anal Cancer Survivorship for HIV-Infected Men Who Have Sex With Men Chia-Ching Wang Spring Pilot Award
Designing and pilot testing a cohort study of people who inject drugs to assess the effect of opiate agonist therapies on HIV and HCV incidence, Kerman, Iran. Ali Mirzazadeh Fall Pilot Award
Impact of V1/V2 Length and Cysteine Composition on Env Function and Neutralization Marielle Cavrois Fall Pilot Award
Immunologic and virologic response to a single dose of Kansui herbal supplement in SIV infected macaques maintaining antiretroviral therapy (ART) mediated viral suppression Sulggi Lee Spring Pilot Award
Reactivation of Latent HIV Using Recombinant Galectin-9 Mohamed Abdel-Mohsen Spring Pilot Award
Proof of concept of a self-administered digital health screener (SASH) to increase reporting of unhealthy alcohol use by persons with HIV in care in Uganda Judy Hahn Spring Pilot Award
Evaluating the effect of Metformin on immune recovery in HIV patients with diabetes Michael Reid, Spring Pilot Award
Methamphetamine, Heavy Alcohol Use, and Immune Activation in HIV Adam Carrico Fall Pilot Award
Pathogenesis of HIV-associated chronic lung disease among vertically-infected children and adolescents John Metcalfe Fall Pilot Award
Using proteomics to unravel tissue tropism for human chlamydia species Cherilyn Elwell Fall Pilot Award
Qualitative evaluation of a large "test and treat" trial: Characterizing baseline community contexts and implementation processes in SEARCH Elvin Geng Fall Pilot Award
HIV, HCV, and Fatty liver Disease: Host, Virus or Genes Jennifer Price Fall Pilot Award
Aging, Cognitive Impairment and Ability to Engage in Healthcare Following Incarceration Mi-Suk Kang-Dufour Spring Pilot Award
Strategies to Obtain Systematic Samples and Measure HIV Prevalence in Migrant Women in Western Kenya Carol Camlin Spring Pilot Award
In Vivo Assessment of Bone quality in HIV-Infected Patients to Better Predict Fracture Roland Krug Fall Pilot Award
The REAP Study: Returning Estimates of Ancestry to Participants Janet Shim Spring Pilot Award
Cellular Determinants of Anti-rebound to Malaria in HIV-Exposed Children Discontinuing Chemoprophylaxis Prasanna Jagannathan Spring Pilot Award
Immunologic Biomarkers for Ruling-out Active Tuberculosis in HIV/AIDS Adithya Cattamanchi Spring Pilot Award
Integrated Regulatory Mechanisms Controlling HIV-Associated Immune Activation Jeffrey Milush Spring Pilot Award
Reaching transgender women with home-based, self-HIV testing in San Francisco: a pilot acceptability and feasibility study Sheri Lippman Spring Pilot Award
Solving the Puzzle: HIV-1 Restriction by Innate-associated HLA-Mediated Mechanisms Rui André Raposo Spring Pilot Award
Effect of the Timing of HIV Infection Treatment on the Reconstitution of the T Cell Receptor Repertoire Paul Baum Spring Pilot Award
Influence of intestinal microbiota on HIV pathogenesis Richard Dunham Spring Pilot Award
Household HIV Testing During Tuberculosis Contact Investigation in Tanzania Elizabeth Fair Fall Pilot Award
Translating Results from an RCT Methods Study to Improve the Accuracy of Evaluations of HIV Interventions Diane Binson Spring Pilot Award
Retention in HIV Care and Survival: Estimating Association and Causal Effect Katerina Christopoulos Spring Pilot Award
Novel Computational Biology Methods for the Evaluation of Multi-Level/Combination Community HIV Prevention Interventions Edwin Charlebois Spring Pilot Award
Provider Practices with Childhood Non-Malarial Fevers: A Pilot Study in Zanzibar Kimberly Baltzell Spring Pilot Award
It Takes a Village: Community Engagement in San Francisco and Kisumu to reduce HIV risk in Homeless Youth and Street Children Colette Auerswald Spring Pilot Award
Mobilizing the Humoral Immune Response against Human Endogenous Retroviruses to Control HIV-1 Viral Replication Henri-Alexandre Michaud Fall Pilot Award
Drug and Alcohol Abuses, Risky Sexual Behaviors, and HIV Risk among Sex Workers and Their Clients in Preah Sihanouk Province, Cambodia: A Pilot Study and Assessment of Prevention Opportunities Marie-Claude Couture Fall Pilot Award
The Clinical and Public Health Impact of Automated Nucleic Acid Testing for TB in San Francisco J.Lucian Davis Fall Pilot Award
Acceptability, Feasibility, and Efficacy of Vaginal Insemination for Conception in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Discordant Couples (Female Positive, Male Negative) Seeking Pregnancy in Kenya Okeoma Mmeje Fall Pilot Award
Effect of Malaria Chemoprevention on Naturally Acquired T-Cell Mediated Immunity to Malaria Margaret Feeney Spring Pilot Award
Biomarkers of Atherosclerosis Risk in HIV-1 Infection Elizabeth Sinclair Spring Pilot Award
Implementing a Sampling-based Approach to Measuring Patient Outcomes Among HIV-infected Patients Lost to Follow-up in East Africa: the I-SAMPOLE Study Elvin Geng Spring Pilot Award
Property Rights and HIVIAIDS Prevention: Examining the Impact of a Community Land and Property WatchDog Model In Nyanza and Western Provinces, Kenya Shari Dworkin Spring Pilot Award
Provision of Extended Nevirapine to Breastfeeding Infants to Reduce Postnatal Transmission of HIV in a Resource-limited Setting: Feasibility, Safety and Effectiveness in a Real world Setting Khady Diouf Spring Pilot Award
HERV-specific CD4+ T Cell Responses in HIV-1 Infected Individuals Devi SenGupta Fall Pilot Award
Prevention of TB in HIV-infected Children in Kenya: An Evaluation of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy Lisa Dillabaugh Fall Pilot Award
Functional Characterization of a Novel Counteregulator CD4 T cell in Primary HIV-1 Infection Lishomwa Ndhlovu Fall Pilot Award
HIV-1 Genital Shedding in Women Before and After Treatment for Cervical Dysplasia Megan Huchko Fall Pilot Award
Non-Commercial Culture Methods for Rapid Screening of Patients at Risk of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Zimbabwe John Metcalfe Fall Pilot Award
Investigation of HIV Levels, Latent Reservoirs, and Mechanisms of Latency in the Gut Steven Yukl Fall Pilot Award
Laying the Groundwork to Test a Science-Based Gender Transformative HIV prevention Intervention with Heterosexually Active Men in South Africa Shari Dworkin Spring Pilot Award
Sex Differences in Patterns of Migration and HIV Risk in Western Kenya Carol Camlin Spring Pilot Award
Formative Research for the Adaptation of an Intervention of HIVAIDS Service Providers on Gender-Based Violence in Rural Western Kenya Janet Turan Spring Pilot Award
The Effect of CD4+ Count on Cardiovascular Risk in Treated HIV Disease Priscilla Hsue Fall Pilot Award
Decreasing Unintended Pregnancy and Vertical Transmission of HIV Through Family Planning: Where Do Men Fit In? Sara Newmann Fall Pilot Award
Kisumu Street Children: A Pilot Study of STIs and HIV in Social Context Colette Auerswald Fall Pilot Award
Alcohol Use and HIV Treatment Failure in Mbarara, Uganda Judy Hahn Spring Pilot Award
Dynamics of T Cell Dysfunction in Primary HIV-1 Infection Lishomwa Ndhlovu Spring Pilot Award
Raltegravir Transplant Immunosuppressant Interactions: Predicting the Unexpected Lynda Frassetto Spring Pilot Award
Immunodiagnosis of Active Tuberculosis in HIV Co-infected Patients: Local versus Peripheral T-cell Interferon Gamma Responses Adithya Cattamanchi Spring Pilot Award
Novel Lipopeptide Epitopes to the MPR Region of GP41: Characterization of Antibody Titer, Lipid Cross-Reactivity and HIV Neutralization Francis Szoka Spring Pilot Award
Telemedicine Screening for Cytomegalovirus Retinitis Among HIV Patients in Developing Countries: A Pilot Study Todd Margolis Spring Pilot Award
Identifying Novel Allosteric Inhibitors of Kaposi's Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus Protease Gregory Lee Spring Pilot Award
Body Fat Changes in HIV-infected Individuals after initiating ART in Southwestern Uganda Phyllis Tien Spring Pilot Award
Defining Immune Correlates of Protection: HIV-specific CD4 Rachel Owen Spring Pilot Award
Inhibitors of APOBEC3C and HIV Mutation Khaoula Bourara Spring Pilot Award
Intra-familial Transmission of Kaposi's Sarcoma Associated Herpesvirus in Sub-Saharan Africa Lisa Butler Spring Pilot Award
Novel approaches to preventing HIV acquisition and transmission in high-risk sex workers in Cambodia Spring Pilot Award
Valganciclovir to Reduce T Cell Activation in HIV Infection Peter Hunt Spring Pilot Award
REACH Cohort Adherence-Pharmacokinetics Substudy (continuation from 2000) David Bangsberg Spring Pilot Award
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Routinely Offering HIV and Hepatitis C Testing to Hospitalized Patients David Bangsberg Spring Pilot Award
HIV-1 Specific CTL in Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT) Barbara Shacklett Spring Pilot Award
Sexual Transmission of Drug Resistant Virus among HIV-Positive Men and Women Gregory Greenwood Spring Pilot Award
REACH Cohort Adherence-Pharmacokinetic Substudy David Bangsberg Spring Pilot Award
Cohort Study: Study on the Consequences of the Protease-Inhibitor Era (SCOPE) Steven Deeks Fall Pilot Award
Long-Term Evaluation of Patients Experiencing Virologic Failure of a Protease Inhibitor Containing Regimen Who Choose to Temporarily Discontinue Therapy Steven Deeks Fall Pilot Award
Discontinuation of Antifungal Therapy for Cryptococcal Meningitis Following Immunologic Response to Antiretroviral Therapy Judith Aberg Spring Pilot Award
Seroepidemiology of Human Herpesvirus 8 in a Diverse Profile of Persons at High Risk for HIV Infection Jeffrey Martin Spring Pilot Award
Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy and Lymphoid Irradiation, with Thymic Shielding, in Subjects with HIV Disease Steven Deeks Spring Pilot Award
Barriers to Timely HIV Testing and Treatment Frederick Hecht Spring Pilot Award
The Diagnostic Utility of Bone Marrow Aspirate Cultures Versus Blood Cultures for Detection of Mycobacterium Avium Complex in AIDS Patients Judith Aberg Spring Pilot Award
Prevalence and Predictors of Skin Disease in a Cohort of Women with HIV Paradi Mirmirani Spring Pilot Award
Baboon Human Stem Cell Infusion in a Patient with Advanced HIV disease Steven Deeks Fall Pilot Award
Evaluation of the Metabolic Effects of Thalidomide in Patients with HIV-Associated Weight Loss Kathleen Mulligan Spring Pilot Award
A Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study of Chinese Herbs in HIV Associated Cryptosporidium-Negative Diarrhea Donald Abrams Spring Pilot Award
Physicians' Attitudes Toward Assisted Suicide in AIDS: a 5-Year Comparison Study Donald Abrams Fall Pilot Award