Basic Science Award

Note:  Beginning with Fall 2016, The Basic Science program has been combined into the Mentored Scientist Award mechanism - which now has three scientific priority areas for funding: Basic Science, Clinical/ Translational/ Epidemiological/ Behavioral, and Implementation Science.

The Mentored Scientist Award Program is a grant targeted toward mentoring and training early state investigators at senior stage or clinical or postdoctoral training or new faculty at UCSF or affiliated partner institutes to conduct a research project, allowing them to acquire preliminary data and findings leading toward a future grant effort. Investigators with backgrounds in clinical, basic, or behavioral-epidemiological, and/or implementation science HIV/AIDS research are all welcome to apply.

Of high interest to CFAR are investigations ranging from basic pathogenesis to clinical outcomes in the research areas of HIV/aging and inflammation, latency, cure, vaccines, co-infections, HIV in women, and research related to health disparities in HIV-infected and HIV-impacted Bay Area populations. CFAR has designated funding for at least two awards in both of basic and clinical/ epidemiological/ behavioral/ translational sciences, and one award in implementation science. International research projects are allowed.

Applicants for this award must indicate a faculty research mentor(s) who will commit to guiding the applicant throughout the duration of the proposed project.

NOTE: Projects must be within NIH’s HIV/AIDS research high or medium priority areas.
NIH does not allow CFAR to fund clinical trials or human use of an investigational drug. If you are considering a study involving a clinical intervention (e.g. approved drugs and/or standard-of-care), please contact Brenda Sanchez with a brief description of your study ([email protected],edu, cc: [email protected]) to determine whether your proposed project would be eligible for funding through CFAR.

  • Term: 1 year
  • Number of awards: Dependent on available funding
  • Award amount: $50,000 in direct costs
    1. ​Investigators must be at UCSF or affiliated partner institutes (​ Postdoctoral or clinical fellows in training.

      a) Per NIH CFAR Program Guidelines, a postdoctoral fellow is eligible only if their application submission is submitted with written commitment from their institution/department that an offer for a faculty appointment is under consideration.
    2. Current faculty at the assistant professor or clinical instructor level (including acting positions) who have not yet received an R01-equivalent award in HIV/AIDS.
    3. T32 - investigators are not eligible for CFAR Awards if they are supported on a T32.
    4. K-Awardees - Current K Awardees can provide complementary effort on the CFAR without salary within their remaining 25%. The mentored CDA must also maintain the 75% on the K. All K awardees should consult with their program offer to make sure they will allow this exception.