UCSF COVID-19 Rapid Response Pilot Grant

The role of tenofovir-based HIV treatment and prevention on COVID-19 prevalence and outcomes

Headshot of Amelia Deitchman, PharmD, PhD
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Little is known regarding risk of COVID-19 in people with HIV (PLWH) and how tenofovir (TFV), an antiretroviral (ART) used for HIV treatment and prevention, may confer protection against COVID-19. This research leverages public health data of PLWH and COVID-19 in San Francisco to determine if HIV itself or ART alters risk of COVID-19 infection. We will also obtain blood samples from people receiving TFV with documented COVID-19 infection to determine if variation in TFV plasma and intracellular exposure impacts severity or length of COVID-19 infection, informing potential use and dosing of TFV as prevention or therapy against COVID-19.