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Physicians' Attitudes Toward Assisted Suicide in AIDS: a 5-Year Comparison Study Donald Abrams Fall Pilot Award
A Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study of Chinese Herbs in HIV Associated Cryptosporidium-Negative Diarrhea Donald Abrams Spring Pilot Award
It Takes a Village: Community Engagement in San Francisco and Kisumu to reduce HIV risk in Homeless Youth and Street Children Colette Auerswald Spring Pilot Award
Kisumu Street Children: A Pilot Study of STIs and HIV in Social Context Colette Auerswald Fall Pilot Award
An automated liquid handling platform and an ultra performance liquid chromatography Francesca Aweeka Fall FY2019 CFAR Administrative Supplements in HIV/AIDS
HIV, HCV, and Fatty liver Disease: Host, Virus or Genes Jennifer Price Fall Pilot Award
Mediators of Fatty Liver Disease Jennifer Price Spring HIV Coinfection
Preliminary Study to Consider the Effects of Subsidies on Health, Healthcare Utilization and Risk Behavior of the HIV-infected Homeless and Marginally Housed Elise Riley Spring Fogarty Award
Comparison of Quantiferon to Conventional Tuberculin Skin Testing for the Diagnosis of Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) in HIV Positive Subjects Annie Luetkemeyer Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Effect of the Timing of HIV Infection Treatment on the Reconstitution of the T Cell Receptor Repertoire Paul Baum Spring Pilot Award
Exploring Relationship Factors and Engagement in HIV Care in South Africa Amy Conroy Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Linkages between gender-based violence and engagement in HIV care in a prospective cohort of U.S. women living with HIV Amy Conroy Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Evaluating Genetic Factors Associated with Tenofovir Exposure in HIV-Infected Women Undergoing Intensive Pharmacokinetic Monitoring Sanjiv Baxi Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Early Discontinuation of enfuvirtide During Treatment Failure Prevents Establishment of enfuvirtide-resistant Virus in Reservoir. Hiroyu Hatano Spring Mentored Scientist Award
HIV Incidence in Brazilian Blood Donors: Demographic and Molecular Correlates and Implications for Transfusion Safety and Screening Policies Michael Busch Fogarty Award
Novel Computational Biology Methods for the Evaluation of Multi-Level/Combination Community HIV Prevention Interventions Edwin Charlebois Spring Pilot Award
Inflammatory Biomarkers in Acute and Early HIV Infection Vivek Jain Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Biochemical and Clinical Consequences of Antiviral Resistance Mutations in HIV-1 Protease Charles Craik Spring Basic Science Award
Characterization and Inhibition of Kaposi's Sarcoma Herpesvirus Protease Charles Craik Spring Basic Science Award
Investigation of HIV Levels, Latent Reservoirs, and Mechanisms of Latency in the Gut Steven Yukl Fall Pilot Award
The Impact of Household Ventilation on Transmission of Tuberculosis Among Household Contacts of Active Tuberculosis Patients in Kampala, Uganda Gabriel Chamie Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy and Lymphoid Irradiation, with Thymic Shielding, in Subjects with HIV Disease Steven Deeks Spring Pilot Award
Cohort Study: Study on the Consequences of the Protease-Inhibitor Era (SCOPE) Steven Deeks Fall Pilot Award
Long-Term Evaluation of Patients Experiencing Virologic Failure of a Protease Inhibitor Containing Regimen Who Choose to Temporarily Discontinue Therapy Steven Deeks Fall Pilot Award
Baboon Human Stem Cell Infusion in a Patient with Advanced HIV disease Steven Deeks Fall Pilot Award
Sex Differences in Patterns of Migration and HIV Risk in Western Kenya Carol Camlin Spring Pilot Award
Strategies to Obtain Systematic Samples and Measure HIV Prevalence in Migrant Women in Western Kenya Carol Camlin Spring Pilot Award
Testing the Performance and Local Laboratory Capacity for p16 <sup>INK4a</sup> ELISA for Cervical Cancer Screening Among HIV-Infected Women in Western Kenya Megan Huchko Fall HIV and Malignancies
HIV-1 Genital Shedding in Women Before and After Treatment for Cervical Dysplasia Megan Huchko Fall Pilot Award
Determining the Feasibility and Accuracy of a Novel Biomarker for Cervical Dysplasia Among HIV-Infected Women in Western Kenya Megan Huchko Fall HIV and Malignancies
The Role of P Bodies and Stress Granules in the HIV-1 Replicative Cycles Chunye Lu Fall Basic Science Award
Acceptability and Feasibility of Serial HIV Antibody Testing to Detect Incident HIV Infection During Pregnancy and Lactation and Partner Testing in Tororo, Uganda Lena Kim Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Drug Resistance Epidemiology in Peru Robert Grant Fogarty Award
APOBEC3+ Retrovirus Particles as B-Cell Immunogens Warner Greene Fall Outside-the-Box AIDS Vaccine
Exploring Innate Mechanisms of Viral Suppression in HIV Elite Controllers David Lim Fall Mentored Scientist Award
2019 CFAR Women and HIV Symposium Phyllis Tien Fall FY2019 CFAR Administrative Supplements in HIV/AIDS
Body Fat Changes in HIV-infected Individuals after initiating ART in Southwestern Uganda Phyllis Tien Spring Pilot Award
Alcohol Use and HIV Treatment Failure in Mbarara, Uganda Judy Hahn Spring Pilot Award
Training in Prospective Studies in Access to Antiretroviral Therapy in Uganda Judy Hahn Fogarty Award
Proof of concept of a self-administered digital health screener (SASH) to increase reporting of unhealthy alcohol use by persons with HIV in care in Uganda Judy Hahn Spring Pilot Award
The Role of Autophagy in HIV Infection Michael Killian Spring Basic Science Award
Barriers to Timely HIV Testing and Treatment Frederick Hecht Spring Pilot Award
Social Networking Technologies in Improving Treatment Engagement of Young Black HIV-positive Individuals Parya Saberi Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Development and Validation of a Cytokine Flow Cytometry Assay to Detect T Cell Immune Responses Against Pneumocystis Carinii Laurence Huang Fall Basic Science Award
Valganciclovir to Reduce T Cell Activation in HIV Infection Peter Hunt Spring Pilot Award
A Spectral flow cytometer for high-parameter analysis Peter Hunt Fall FY2020 CFAR Administrative Supplements in HIV/AIDS
Understanding the Immunopathogenicity of Protease Inhibitor-Resistant HIV: In vivo Assessment of Thymic Function and T-cell Activation in Patients with Drug-Resistant and Wild-Type HIV Peter Hunt Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Do Human Natural Killer Cells Acquire Immune Memory to Viral Infections? Lewis Lanier Spring Basic Science Award
Lymphocyte Apoptosis and Disease Progression Following HIV Infection Teri Liegler Fall Basic Science Award
Immune Responses to Human Endogenous Retroviruses in HIV-1 Infection Training and Research, Brazil Doug Nixon Fall Fogarty Award