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Immunologic and virologic response to a single dose of Kansui herbal supplement in SIV infected macaques maintaining antiretroviral therapy (ART) mediated viral suppression Sulggi Lee Spring Pilot Award
2019 CFAR Women and HIV Symposium Phyllis Tien Fall FY2019 CFAR Administrative Supplements in HIV/AIDS
A Cross-Sectional Study of Cerebral Vasoreactivity in HIV-infected Individuals Compared with Uninfected Controls Felicia Chow Spring Mentored Scientist Award
A examination of the intersection between mobility and HIV outcomes among Black cisgender and transgender women in Atlanta Miranda Hill, Fall Mentored Scientist Award
A Multimodal Evaluation of the Clinic Experience for HIV Patients in Zambia Aaloke Mody Spring Implementation Science Scholar Award
A Novel Dual Florescent HIV-1 to Study Latency Emily Battivelli Fall Basic Science Award
A Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study of Chinese Herbs in HIV Associated Cryptosporidium-Negative Diarrhea Donald Abrams Spring Pilot Award
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Routinely Offering HIV and Hepatitis C Testing to Hospitalized Patients David Bangsberg Spring Pilot Award
A Spectral flow cytometer for high-parameter analysis Peter Hunt Fall FY2020 CFAR Administrative Supplements in HIV/AIDS
A study to evaluate the acceptability and feasibility of providing integrated HIV and maternal and child health services thorough well child services in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa Christiane Horwood Fall International Mentored Scientist Award
A Super-agonistic antibody to human IL-21 to boost immunity for HIV cure Di Yu Fall Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research (CNIHR) Program
Acceptability and Feasibility of Serial HIV Antibody Testing to Detect Incident HIV Infection During Pregnancy and Lactation and Partner Testing in Tororo, Uganda Lena Kim Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Acceptability, Feasibility, and Efficacy of Vaginal Insemination for Conception in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Discordant Couples (Female Positive, Male Negative) Seeking Pregnancy in Kenya Okeoma Mmeje Fall Pilot Award
ACE Inhibitors to Decrease Lymphoid Fibrosis and the Size of the Latent Reservoirin Antiretroviral-Treated, HIV-infected Patients: A Pilot Study Leslie Cockerham Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Activation of the SIRT1 Deacetylase as a Therapeutic Concept in HIV-induced T Cell Hyperactivation Xavier Contreras Spring Basic Science Award
Activation of transcriptional elongation in HIV latently infected cells by SAHA Xavier Contreras Spring Basic Science Award
Adaptation of a Male Partner Educational Intervention Tool for Vaginal Microbicide Trials Serah Wagikondi-Gitome Fall International Mentored Scientist Award
Adaptation of a Mindfulness based intervention to support Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among adolescents in Uganda Khamisi Musanje Fall International Mentored Scientist Award
Addressing Health Disparities Among Transgender Women in the Middle East Rachel Kaplan Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Addressing Sexual Dysfunction in Anal Cancer Survivorship for HIV-Infected Men Who Have Sex With Men Chia-Ching Wang Spring Pilot Award
Aging, Cognitive Impairment and Ability to Engage in Healthcare Following Incarceration Mi-Suk Kang-Dufour Spring Pilot Award
AIDS Research Training and Collaborative Research in Zimbabwe Jody Lawrence Fall Fogarty Award
Alcohol Use and HIV Treatment Failure in Mbarara, Uganda Judy Hahn Spring Pilot Award
Alcohol-Associated Unprotected Sexual Intercourse Among a Cohort of Newly Diagnosed HIV+ Adults in Mbarara, Uganda: A Pilot Study Sarah Woolf-King Fall Mentored Scientist Award
An automated liquid handling platform and an ultra performance liquid chromatography Francesca Aweeka Fall FY2019 CFAR Administrative Supplements in HIV/AIDS
Analysis of Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Levels in Intracellular Compartments, Plasma and Hair in HIV-positive Women on HAART Monica Gandhi Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Antiretroviral Drug Penetration in HIV Reservoir Sites using Tissue from Deceased Donors Amelia Deitchman Spring Mentored Scientist Award
APOBEC3+ Retrovirus Particles as B-Cell Immunogens Warner Greene Fall Outside-the-Box AIDS Vaccine
Application of quantitative intersectionality methods to identify the most vulnerable populations in the HIV continuum of care Paul Wesson Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Are extracellular vesicles involved in the pathogenesis of HIV-associated cardiovascular disease? Erika Marques de Menezes Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Assessing CSF HIV antibodies and CNS HIV viral reservoirs in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND) Joanna Hellmuth Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Assessing HIV-specific CD8+ T Cell Exhaustion During Antiretroviral Therapy Rachel Rutishauser Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Atrial Fibrillation in HIV Infection Jonathan Hsu Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Augmentation of Peripheral T cell Function A.J. Middlebrook Spring Mentored Scientist Award
Baboon Human Stem Cell Infusion in a Patient with Advanced HIV disease Steven Deeks Fall Pilot Award
Barriers to Timely HIV Testing and Treatment Frederick Hecht Spring Pilot Award
Biochemical and Clinical Consequences of Antiviral Resistance Mutations in HIV-1 Protease Charles Craik Spring Basic Science Award
Biomarker discovery in latently infected single cells Charles Kim Fall Immune-Based Strategies for HIV Cure Research
Biomarkers of Atherosclerosis Risk in HIV-1 Infection Elizabeth Sinclair Spring Pilot Award
Biomarkers that Predict the Response of AIDS-Related Kaposi's Sarcoma to Antiretroviral Therapy and the Risk of Developing Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome Stefanie Sowinski Fall HIV and Malignancies
Body Fat Changes in HIV-infected Individuals after initiating ART in Southwestern Uganda Phyllis Tien Spring Pilot Award
BRD4 Overexpression Increases the Propensity for Proviral Latency and Determine how this Relates to HIV Latency in vivo. Dwayne Bisgrove Spring Basic Science Award
Bridges Within the HIV-human Hosthogen Genome JJ Miranda Fall Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research (CNIHR) Program
Building a Population-Based Cancer Registry in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: A Pilot Project to Evaluate Completeness and Validity of Pathologic Data Katherine Van Loon Fall HIV and Malignancies
Building Capacity for HIV and KSHV Research in Sub-Saharan South Africa Jeffrey Martin Fall Fogarty Award
Cardiovascular Mechanisms of Post-Acute Sequalae of COVID-19 Among People Living with HIV Matthew Durstenfeld Spring Mentored Scientist Award
CD30/CD30L signaling pathways in HIV-1 mediated B cell dysfunction Louise Hogan, Spring Mentored Scientist Award
CD96 Regulation and the Impact on T Cell Effector Functions during HIV-1 Infection Emily Eriksson Fall Mentored Scientist Award
Cellular Determinants of Anti-rebound to Malaria in HIV-Exposed Children Discontinuing Chemoprophylaxis Prasanna Jagannathan Spring Pilot Award
Cellular targets of early viral replication in RhCMV/SIV-vaccinated macaques with Mamu-E-restricted T cell responses Kawthar Machmach Spring Mentored Scientist Award