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Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH

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Director, UCSF-Bay Area CFAR
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Dr. Gandhi has been at UCSF since 1996 when she came here for her medical residency after attending Harvard Medical School. She completed an ID fellowship at UCSF from 1999-2003 and a Masters’ in Public Health in Epidemiology/Biostatistics from the University of California, Berkeley in 2001, as well as a Traineeship in AIDS Prevention Studies (TAPS) post-doctoral fellowship. She has been an NIH funded researcher since 2003, first with a K23 award and now with multiple R01 and R21 grants to help run the UCSF Hair Analytical Laboratory (HAL), a laboratory that focuses on objective adherence metrics to HIV treatment and prevention for multiple UCSF-based and global investigators in hair and urine. She served on the Office of AIDS Research Advisory Committee (OARAC) from 2014-2017 and Chair from 2017-2018. She also serves on the ACTG Executive Committee. She has served as the co-director of the CFAR Mentoring Program for the past five years and has a dedicated interest in HIV mentorship and education.

Dr. Gandhi serves as the Medical Director of the Ward 86 HIV Clinic (since January 2014) and won the HIV Medical Association (HIVMA) Clinical Educator Award in 2017 and was awarded the Master Clinician award in the Department of Medicine in 2019. Beyond an interest in adherence metrics and PrEP, Dr. Gandhi has a special interest in HIV and women and sex differences in HIV medicine. She is thrilled to serve in this role to support the HIV/AIDS researcher community across UCSF and our many affiliates. She is especially interested in mentoring early stage investigators, especially those from underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities, from disadvantaged backgrounds, and with disabilities. Monica plans an open door policy with the CFAR community here at UCSF and is excited to serve with you all in continuing to make UCSF an innovative and exciting place to conduct HIV research.

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