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Mechanistic and Phenotypic Characterization of Semen Amyloid Disassembler as Novel Approach to HIV Microbicide Development Nadia Roan Spring Basic Science Award
Mucosal Natural Killer T (NKT) cells and the Gut Microbiome in HIV-1 Infection Devi SenGupta Spring Basic Science Award
Exploring the Role of Caspase-1-Mediated-Pyroptosis in Promoting Chronic Inflammation in HIV Patients Gilad Doitsh Spring Basic Science Award
Mechanisms Underlying CD4 T-Cell Depletion and Inflammation During Aids Progression Xin Geng Fall Basic Science Award
Intrapatient Coevolution Between the Antibody Repertoire and HIV Populations Ryan Hernandez Fall Basic Science Award
Investigating the interface between HIV-1 proteins and the host cellular ubiquitin machinery Ruth Huettenhain Fall Basic Science Award
The Anti-HIV mechanism of human Piwil2 Pingyang Liu Fall Basic Science Award
Cytokine Responses in Elite Controllers of HIV Evan Jacobs Spring Basic Science Award
Structure-Function Study of Semen-Derived HIV Enhancing Amyloids and Their Interactors Haichuan Liu Spring Basic Science Award
Detection of HIV Transcription in Individual Cells by Flow Cytometry Elizabeth Sinclair Spring Basic Science Award
Identifying the Killing Pathway that Mediates CD4 T-cell Depletion in HIV-Infected Lymphoid Tissues Zhiyuan Yang Spring Basic Science Award
Human Macrophage Heterogeneity in HIV-1 Infection Wes Yonemoto Spring Basic Science Award
Hyperthermia and HSP90AB1 Facilitate HIV Infection Pheroze Joshi Fall Basic Science Award
Identification of Anti-HIV Factor(s) from CD8+ Cell Antiviral Factor Gene Candidates Lianxing Liu Fall Basic Science Award
Study of Tat Lysine 41 Post-translational Modification in HIV Transcription Gregory Camus Fall Basic Science Award
Understanding the Role of Inflamasome Activation in AIDS Progression Kathryn Monroe Fall Basic Science Award
HIV Transcription Inhibition by Newly Identified p300 Inhibitors Kotaro Shirakawa Fall Basic Science Award
Role of Telomere maintenance in HIV-Associated Cardiovascular Disease Jue Lin Spring Basic Science Award
pDC Activation and Chronic Immune Activation in AIDS Richard Dunham Spring Basic Science Award
Do HIV Neutralizing Antibodies Recognize Inflammatory-mimetic Modifications of the HIV gp41 MPR? Vincent Venditto Spring Basic Science Award
Lymphocyte Apoptosis and Disease Progression Following HIV Infection Teri Liegler Fall Basic Science Award
Biochemical and Clinical Consequences of Antiviral Resistance Mutations in HIV-1 Protease Charles Craik Spring Basic Science Award
Pilot Study of HIV-1-Specific Immunity Following Antiretroviral Treatment Interruption Mike McCune Spring Basic Science Award
Characterization and Inhibition of Kaposi's Sarcoma Herpesvirus Protease Charles Craik Spring Basic Science Award
The Role of P Bodies and Stress Granules in the HIV-1 Replicative Cycles Chunye Lu Fall Basic Science Award
Molecular Interactions Between HIV and HPV Joel Palefsky Spring Basic Science Award
Development and Validation of a Cytokine Flow Cytometry Assay to Detect T Cell Immune Responses Against Pneumocystis Carinii Laurence Huang Fall Basic Science Award
Evaluation of Thymic Mass in HIV-1 Infected Patients Mike McCune Fall Basic Science Award
Optimization of Cytokine Flow Cytometry (CFC) for Trans-Shipped Specimens Mike McCune Fall Basic Science Award
BRD4 Overexpression Increases the Propensity for Proviral Latency and Determine how this Relates to HIV Latency in vivo. Dwayne Bisgrove Spring Basic Science Award
Genetic Diversity of HIV-1 in vivo During Very Early Primary Infection Eric Delwart Spring Basic Science Award
Activation of the SIRT1 Deacetylase as a Therapeutic Concept in HIV-induced T Cell Hyperactivation Xavier Contreras Spring Basic Science Award
High CD8+ T cell Activation Associates with HIV Disease Outcome Jason Barbour Spring Basic Science Award
Molecular Biology of HIV Macrophage Infection Kathleen Page Spring Basic Science Award
SAHA Induced Mechanism of HIV Reactivation from Latency Koen Bartholomeeusen Fall Basic Science Award
Identification of Novel HIV Co-Receptors and Characterization of Their Role in Viral Transmission Laura Digilio Spring Basic Science Award
Characterization of the Epstein Barr Virus BMRF-2 Gene and its Role in the Pathogenesis of Hairy Leukoplakia Laurel Lagenaur Spring Basic Science Award
Investigation of the Effects of IL-2 on the Frequency of FcRL3+ Tregs and T cell Activation in HIV-infected Patients Louise Swainson Fall Basic Science Award
Direct Measurement of Rate of Synthesis and Removal of Circulating HIV in Infected Humans Marc Hellerstein Fall Basic Science Award
The Kinetics of Primary Viremia in Macaques and Sooty Mangabeys Infected with Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Mark Feinberg Spring Basic Science Award
Transgenic Rabbits and HIV Infection Mark Goldsmith Spring Basic Science Award
The Biology of Coreceptors for HIV and Chemokine Receptors in vivo as a Factor in Regulating HIV Disease Progression Mark Goldsmith Fall Basic Science Award
Defining the role of lysine methylation in HIV-1 Tat transactivation Melanie Ott Spring Basic Science Award
The Role of Autophagy in HIV Infection Michael Killian Spring Basic Science Award
Do Human Natural Killer Cells Acquire Immune Memory to Viral Infections? Lewis Lanier Spring Basic Science Award
Expanded Cellular Tropism of Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 by a Trans-Receptor Mechanism Roberto Speck Spring Basic Science Award
Role of Double Modified Tat Protein in HIV-1 Transcription Sara Pagans Fall Basic Science Award
Role of Chromatin Remodeling in HIV Transcriptional Regulation Shweta Hakre Spring Basic Science Award
Differential Regulation of Basal and Tat-mediated HIV Transcription by Acetylation of P-TEFb Sungyoo Cho Fall Basic Science Award
The role of transcriptional interference and inhibition of transcriptional elongation in HIV latency Valentina Lenasi Spring Basic Science Award