CFAR Scientific Symposium

2019 CFAR Scientific Symposium: CFAR's Return on Investment

Highlighting the Current Work of Former CFAR Awardees and Mentees

The UCSF-Gladstone Center for AIDS Research will present the 2019 CFAR Symposium on Friday, May 31, 2019, in the Robertson Auditorium at the Mission Bay Conference Center. Organized jointly by the CFAR’s Administrative and Developmental Cores, the day will be a celebration of CFAR’s legacy in helping to catalyze the stellar HIV research happening here in San Francisco. We will be featuring the work of many former CFAR awardees/mentees who have gone on to be successful independent HIV researchers. Outgoing CFAR Co-Directors, Paul Volberding and Warner Greene, will provide their perspectives on CFAR’s legacy and the current HIV research landscape.


Perspectives on CFAR’s Legacy and the Current HIV Research Landscape

HIV and cellular stress: unexpected connections with viral latency

There’s an app for that: Leveraging mobile technologies to scale up HIV testing and PrEP implementation

Investigating the Mechanisms of Latent HIV Infection

Developing and Validating a Patient-Centered Index of Engagement in HIV Care

CyTOF analysis of the in vivo CD4+ T cell HIV reservoir

Gendered dimensions of population mobility across three HIV-1 epidemics in rural eastern Africa

Profiling and Purging the Latent HIV Reservoir

Interventions to promote HIV testing, and retesting, in East Africa

Immune Activation in Treated HIV: The Contribution of CMV

Use of technology for HIV treatment and prevention: Updates on two CFAR grants

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