Implementation Science Interest Group

Do you have ongoing work related to implementation science that you would be interested in getting feedback on? Have you learned about a new implementation science method and want to share it with others?

We are scheduling presentations for the Implementation Science Interest Group (ISIG meetings). These meetings will be held from 10:00 – 11:00 AM PT on the third Wednesdays of each month. 

To sign up for any free spot for the WIP or journal club session, please complete this form.

General Goals

  1. To provide the presenter with valuable feedback from researchers with implementation science experience on IS research design and analytic approaches for any current or planned research. (For example, previous presenters have shared research grant drafts, early study findings, etc)
  2. To provide attendees with an opportunity to learn from and engage with others who are conducting implementation science research in HIV (For example, previous attendees have been inspired to incorporate specific IS frameworks or methods in their own research work after hearing presentations by others).
  3. Lastly, by specifically inviting a group of researchers already focused on the same research area, we hope to foster UCSF research collaboration and support grant writing and submissions in the area of implementation science and HIV.

Meeting Structure

Presentations can vary in structure. See the archive for previous topics.

An example of a 90-minute structure with a single topic is below:

  • 15 minutes (focused on a methods topic pertaining to your research (optional/we can help you with content for this depending on the topic))
  • 30 minutes (informal presentation of research project or work in progress)
  • 45 minutes open discussion and feedback
  • We can also split the meeting into two blocks: with a didactic topic and a related work in progress, or two shorter works in progress (10-15 minutes presentation and 30 minutes of discussion each).

Work in progress and journal club speakers will be announced here. Meetings are subject to change. Please check back regularly for updates.

Learn More

For any further questions or communications regarding the CFAR ISWG, please reach out to Joseph Watabe

Learn more about the Implementation Science Working Group.

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