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Jerry Nutor, PhD, RN, MS

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Jerry John Nutor is an assistant professor in the Department of Family Health Care Nursing. His program of research primarily focuses on understanding the impact of environmental, social and economic factors with particular focus on adherence to antiretroviral therapy and prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. He has ongoing research projects in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia. Jerry’s research has been published in BMJ Global Health, BMJ Open, PLoS One, PLoS Global Health, International Health and BMC Public Health among others. Jerry is also passionate about promoting collaboration between scholars and researchers in the global south and global north. He is the founder and secretary general of Africa Interdisciplinary Health Conference (AfIHC). He founded AfIHC to create a platform for the various healthcare providers in clinical and academic/research settings to meet and discuss their research findings to promote evidence-based practices related to the health sector in Africa.

Recipient, 2023 Early-Career Research Excellence Award for Excellence in Socio-Behavioral Science

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