Anushka Patel MA, (PhD in progress)

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Anushka PatelMA, (PhD in progress)

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Anushka is a sixth-year doctoral student in clinical psychology, currently completing her clinical internship at UCSF in California. She spent the 2015 summer conducting a needs assessment of trauma exposure and common mental disorders in slums of Bombay, India. Anushka’s dissertation examines the factor structure of PTSD among Indian women from slums exposed to interpersonal violence. Her future goal is to culturally-adapt evidence-based trauma treatments for low-income settings. Anushka’s clinical interests include assessing and treating the psychological sequelae of trauma exposure, especially in low-income settings and with ethnic minority populations. She has recently become interested in HIV/AIDS research in low-income settings, with a particular focus on how implementation science can be leveraged to overcome cultural barriers to accessing and using HIV medications.

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