Laying the Groundwork to Test a Science-Based Gender Transformative HIV prevention Intervention with Heterosexually Active Men in South Africa

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Numerous gender-transformative HIV/AIDS prevention interventions are carried out in developing country contexts with heterosexually-active women, but very little gender transformative HIV work is carried out with heterosexually-active men. This study qualitatively examines the impact of an HIV/AIDS and anti-violence program known as the One Man Can Initiative (implemented by Sonke Gender Justice, Cape Town, South Africa). Men will be recruited from Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa (N=120). The aims are to ascertain men's changing conceptions of masculinity, their perceptions of shifts in gender roles, rights, and equity, and their perceptions of the ways in which shifts in gender roles and relations impact risk behaviors (alcohol, violence, sexual risk). This study will further an understanding of masculinity, gender relations, and health in South Africa and will help to improve the quality of HIV prevention programs and their efficacy with heterosexually-active men. Following this work, an NIMH R34 or R01 (to modify/adapt a program and rigorously test it) will be submitted for work with men in South Africa.