2015 CFAR Scientific Symposium : HIV Persistence


Integrating HIV Latency

  • Anthony S. Fauci, MD
    An HIV Cure: Obstacles and Opportunities
  • Robert F. Siliciano, MD, PhD
    Measuring and Clearing the Latent Reservoir for HIV

Immunological/Molecular Basis of Persistence

  • Nicolas Chomont, PhD
    The Role Of T Cell Homeostasis In HIV Persistence
  • James I. Mullins, PhD
    Host Cell Provirus Integration Sites And Maintenance Of HIV Reservoirs

Early ART

  • Katherine F. Ruiz de Luzuriaga, MD

Early Stage Investigator (ESI) Leadership Retreat 2017

The CFAR Mentoring Program is designed to help develop the scientific career goals of early stage HIV investigators and postdoctoral scholars.

Drs. Jonathan Fuchs and Monica Gandhi have developed a fully packed event that responds to high-priority professional development needs shared by UCSF ESIs. Our morning speaker will be, Ed O'Neil, who will facilitate a leadership development module. In the afternoon, Peer-review Lightning Rounds, ending with Social Networking at Finnegan's Wake in Cole Valley,  

Symposium 2018: Closing the Gap between Rigor and Relevance

Implementation science is an emerging field focused on closing the gap between efficacious interventions and real world practice. While the HIV research community has enthusiastically embraced the motivation for implementation science, there is far less consensus on the critical approaches to successful conduct of implementation science in the context of the HIV epidemic. Many methodological issues, which have perhaps been less emphasized in traditional clinical research, are particularly salient for knowledge about implementation. External validity is as important as internal validity.