Call for 2024 Early Career Excellence Nominations

Recipients of these awards will be given an honorarium and will be invited to give a 15-minute talk following our April CFAR Seminar on April 10, 2024 from 9:30-11:30am. Please nominate your mentee/colleague by noon Friday, February 9, 2024. Please do not nominate previous awardees:

  • 2012: Nadia Roan and Elvin Geng
  • 2013: Gabriel Chamie and Satish Pillai
  • 2014: Megan Huchko and Gilad Doitsh
  • 2015: Mohamed Mohsen, Hiroyu Hatano, and Sheri Lippman
  • 2016: Anand Pai, Catherine Koss, Jae Sevelius
  • 2017: Rachel Rutishauser, Carina Marquez, Kartika Palar
  • 2018: Thomas Packard, Sulggi Lee, Hyman Scott, Lillian Brown
  • 2019: Andrea Gramatica, John Sauceda, Matthew Spinelli
  • 2020: Erika Marques de Menezes, Michael Peluso, Andrew Kerkhoff, Judy Tan
  • 2021: Sushama Telwatte, Matthew Hickey, Amy Conroy
  • 2022: Diana Alba, Paul Wesson, Orlando Harris
  • 2023: Ujjwal Rathore, Ayesha Appa, Jerry Nutor