Ifeanyi Ezeonwumelu, PhD

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Ifeanyi Ezeonwumelu, PhD

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Ifeanyi obtained an M.Sc. in Forensic Sciences from the University of Lincoln (UK), Instituto Universitario Egas Moniz (Portugal), and the Universidad de Córdoba (Spain). He received his PhD from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), where he investigated innate immunomodulatory strategies to tackle HIV persistence. In 2023, he joined the Roan lab at the Gladstone Institute of Virology as an Embark Postdoctoral Scholar.

His research interests are in cure strategies against latent HIV infection and the molecular epidemiology of viral epidemics, including HIV and hepatitis viruses. His current research primarily centers on utilizing single-cell "omics" approaches to unravel the mechanisms and elimination strategies targeting HIV persistence within tissue reservoirs.

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