Michael Reyes, MD, MPH

  • Professor, School of Medicine
  • Member, CFAR Scientific Council


Additional Positions:
• Affiliate Professor, Department of Global Health, School of Public Health and School of Medicine, University of Washington
• Principal Investigator, Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center (PAETC), Department of Family and Community Medicine, UCSF
• Senior Director and Principal Investigator, International Training & Education Center for Health (I-TECH), Department of Family and Community Medicine, UCSF
• Principal Investigator, National Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, CDC
• Principal Investigator, Skills Development Unit Alameda County Care Connect; a Whole Person Care Pilot
• Principal Investigator, Technical Assistance Resources, Guidance, Education & Training (TARGET) Center; HHS, HRSA, HIV/AIDS Bureau

• AA, General Education, Rio Hondo Community College, Whittier, CA
• BA, Biological Sciences, UC Irvine
• MD, UC Irvine
• Resident, Family Practice Valley Medical Center, Fresno,
• Chief Resident, Family Practice Valley Medical Center, Fresno,
• Song Brown Fellow, emphasis HIV, Valley Medical Center, Fresno
• MPH, UC Berkeley

Areas of Interest
• Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center (PAETC), and its predecessor, the Western AIDS Education and Training Center:
Serving as Principal Investigator for this 25+ year old project which develops a variety of innovative HIV clinical training programs for health care providers in the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawai'i, and the six U.S.-affiliated Pacific jurisdictions. Special initiatives include a focus on developing HIV clinicians along the US-Mexico border, incorporating HIV rapid testing into labor and delivery suites in California hospitals and a portfolio of capacity building programs funded by the Minority AIDS Initiative of the Ryan White Program.

• International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH):
Serving as the Principal Investigator for the UCSF clinical and technical assistance component of the I-TECH activities and as Senior Director for the whole program, I-TECH currently is working in 25 countries and the Caribbean region. Collaboration with the University of Washington, I-TECH focuses on activities related to health system strengthening, health workforce development, laboratory systems development, laboratory systems development, operations research and evaluation, and prevention, care and treatment of infectious diseases.

• Center of Excellence for Transgender Health (CoE):
Serving as the Principal Investigator for the CoE to provide leadership, capacity building, professional training, policy advocacy, research development, and resources to increase access to culturally competent health care for transgender people in the United States.

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