UCSF-Gladstone CFAR at AIDS 2020

June 26, 2020
UCSF-Bay Area Center for AIDS Research


Dear HIV researcher community,

We are very pleased to send you the list of abstracts from all the investigators at UCSF and UCSF affiliates in the CFAR being presented at AIDS 2020 Virtual July 6-9 and the COVID-19 conference at IAS on July 10, 2020! The UCSF/CFAR-affiliated activities/talks/workshops/symposia are here (Agenda Link here) and the list of all posters (Poster list link here) are here. Presenting authors are listed.

As you can see, we have an amazing number of plenaries, oral abstract presentations, poster discussions, satellite sessions and moderators from our UCSF-Gladstone CFAR investigator community, along with a multitude of poster presentations. We have rich representation at this meeting from our investigators at CAPS; the Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases, and Global Medicine; Department of Ob/Gyn; Division of Infectious Diseases; Department of Psychiatry; Institute for Global Health Sciences; the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health; School of Nursing; Division of Geriatrics; School of Pharmacy; Department of Epi and Biostats; Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases; Division of Family Medicine; Division of Pulmonology; UZ-UCSF; Cardiovascular Research Institute; the San Francisco Department of Public Health; the VA HIV research group; Vitalant; the BioHub; the Division of Experimental Medicine; RTI; and the Gladstone Institutes.

Particular highlights in the plenary category include Dr. Susan Buchbinder’s plenary on HIV biomedical prevention, Dr. Sheri Weiser’s plenary on COVID-19’s impact on food insecurity for the COVID-19 meeting, and a bridging session between AIDS 2020 and COVID-19 where Dr. Diane Havlir will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our SF community response in Getting to Zero. Two presentations from UCSF groups (one from the SEARCH study that showed the effect of PrEP in lowering HIV incidence in rural East Africa and one from the Unidos en Salud campaign which performed a mass testing campaign for SARS-CoV-2 in a Mission neighborhood) will be featured in the IAS press conferences. IAS is highlighting 10 abstracts from the meeting this year so UCSF presenting two of the 10 is quite an honor.

The virtual format of the conference, which was necessary, will lead to much less interaction between us as a community during the meeting. I encourage you all to discuss the abstracts together when you can (please note the showing times of many of the abstracts are at untenable hours for us, so these will be recorded and we can watch later). Moreover, like we did during CROI 2020 Virtual, Peter, Mallory and I will be sending you highlights of abstracts presented each day, including some quite ground-breaking news that you haven’t heard already from the press release on the HPTN083 trial (e.g. long-acting cabotegravir every 8 weeks versus oral TDF/FTC daily for HIV prevention)

Please also remember that, although many of you may be registered for AIDS 2020 Virtual, the registration for the world’s first COVID-19 global health conference on July 10 presented by IAS is separate and found here. Registration is FREE but must be done ahead of time. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from the World Health Organization will give the opening talk and Bill Gates will close. Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx will also be speaking. The meeting features Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and will examine the intersection between COVID-19 and food insecurity (Sheri Weiser), climate change (Andy Haines), disparities (LeRon Nelson), and other important talks in the areas of basic science, public policy, treatment (the RECOVERY trial will be presented), etc.

We know we can’t all be together for this one, but we will do our best to make it come alive for you with our daily emails at the meeting. Congratulations to all of you for the great work you will be presenting at this important meeting!


Monica Gandhi (CFAR Director and Co-Chair, AIDS 2020 and COVID-19 Virtual meetings at IAS)


UCSF-Gladstone CFAR Affiliated AIDS 2020/COVID-19 Agenda



UCSF-Gladstone CFAR Affiliated Posters