Time Sensitive Funding Opportunity: Call for Specific Aims for CFAR Low Barrier Grants (due Friday 4/7)

March 21, 2023
CFAR Special Update

Dear CFAR Community,

We are delighted to announce the availability of $50,000 Low Barrier Grants in HIV Research to the CFAR Early Stage Investigator Community.

Projects must be within NIH’s HIV/AIDS research high or medium priority areas. Projects in closely related areas (e.g. TB, HCV, drug use, etc.) must be clearly linked to HIV in order to be eligible for CFAR funding.

Clarification regarding research involving prospective interventional research: CFAR is not allowed to fund clinical trials as defined by the NIH.  If your study involves one or more human subjects, involves one or more interventions, prospectively assigns human subjects to interventions, or has a health-related biomedical or behavioral outcome, please use the linked decision tree to see if your study would count as an ineligible clinical trial. If you still have questions, please send Lauren Sterling a brief description of your study to determine whether your proposed project would be eligible for funding through CFAR. 

Eligibility: Project leaders are restricted to early career investigators who have never received an R01-equivalent, P-series, or U-series research grant in HIV. Post-doctoral fellows are eligible to apply. 

Our CFAR Scientific Cores and Working Groups are available to assist you in your research. 

How to Apply: If you are interested in submitting, we request you complete a short webform and provide a Specific Aims Page of your idea by 1 p.m. next Friday, 4/7. If you recently submitted a specific aims page for the CFAR administrative supplements and weren’t selected for advancement of your supplement, just complete the short webform and send in your aims page again to indicate you want it re-considered for this low-barrier $50,000 CFAR grant. 

Proposals will be reviewed by CFAR Leadership and the Internal Advisory Board. We will notify the selected finalists no later than mid-April.

Please contact Lauren Sterling (206-579-0834) with any questions. 

Thank you,

CFAR Leadership Team