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July 29, 2022
UCSF-Bay Area Center for AIDS Research

Dear HIV Research Community,

We are proud to share this extensive list of UCSF-affiliated presentations and other participation at AIDS 2022. We encourage you to look through the wide variety of science happening here and consider supporting your colleagues by attending their sessions.

Thank you!

CFAR and ARI Leadership

Friday, 7/29

Oral Abstract Session-OALBX01: Co-Chair’s Choice
Room 220 d/e/Channel 1
Time: 11:45-12:45a ET/8:45-9:45a PT

  • Oral Abstract OALBX0103: Doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis for STI prevention among MSM and transgender women on HIV PrEP or living with HIV: high efficacy to reduce incident STI's in a randomized trial
    Presenter: Annie Luetkemeyer, UCSF
    Time: 11:55a-12:03p ET/8:55-9:03a PT

Satellite SA026: Recent infection surveillance as a tool to monitor trends and sharpen prevention strategies to reach and sustain HIV epidemic control?
Room 510/Channel 8
Time: 2:45-4:15p ET/11:45a-1:15p PT
Chair/Speaker: George Rutherford, UCSF

Satellite SA027: Africa HIV cure research: Strengthening industry-community engagement in clinical research
Room 524/Channel 9
Time: 2:45-4:15p ET/11:45a-1:15p PT
Speaker: Tim Henrich, UCSF

Saturday, 7/30

Satellite SA046: Will mRNA lead to a long-awaited HIV vaccine?
Room 517a/Channel 3
Time: 8:00-9:00a ET/5:00-6:00a PT
Chair/Speaker: Susan Buchbinder, UCSF

Workshop WS01: Advancing HIV health communication science: Challenges and opportunities for impact in key populations
Virtual Only/Channel 11
Time: 11:00a-12:30p ET/8:00-9:30a PT
Panelists: Sophia Zamudio-Haas, Chadwick Campbell, UCSF

Sunday, 7/31

Oral Abstract Session-OALBE01: Late Breaker Track E
Room 510/Channel 8
Time: 10:30-11:30a ET/7:30-8:30a PT

  • Oral Abstract OALB0102: SEARCH-Youth: a cluster randomized trial of a multilevel health system intervention to improve virologic suppression in adolescents and young adults living with HIV in rural Kenya and Uganda
    Presenter: Florence Mwangwa, IDRC and the SEARCH-Youth team
    Time: 10:32-10:40a ET/7:32-7:40a PT

Oral Abstract Session-OAB04: HIV and other conditions
Room 517a/Channel 3
Time: 11:45-12:45a ET/8:45-9:45a PT

  • Oral Abstract OAB0403: Impact of a community-wide HIV test and treat intervention on population-level tuberculosis transmission in rural Uganda
    Presenter: Carina Marquez, UCSF
    Time: 11:55a-12:03p ET/8:55-9:03a PT

Satellite SA071: HIV and COVID-19: A private sector example of transferable and new solutions
Room 518/Channel 10
Time: 8:00-9:00a ET/5:00-6:00a PT
Speaker: Eric Goosby, UCSF

Monday, 8/1

Oral Abstract Session-OAC05: Packaging HIV prevention for different populations
Room 517c/Channel 5
Time: 11:45-12:45a ET/8:45-9:45a PT

  • Oral Abstract OAC0504: Evaluating adaptive HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis adherence interventions for young South African women: results from a sequential multiple assignment randomized trial
    Presenter: Jennifer Velloza, UCSF
    Time: 12:03-12:11p ET/9:03-9:11a PT

Workshop WS20: HIV nursing across generations: From the pre-ART era to U=U to pivoting to COVID-19 responses
Virtual Only/Channel 12
Time: 10:30a-12:00p ET/7:30-9:00a PT
Speaker: Carol Dawson-Rose, UCSF

Tuesday, 8/2

Oral Abstract Session-OAD08: Stigma interventions: Improving health and wellness for people living with HIV and key populations
Room 517c/Channel 5
Time: 11:45-12:45a ET/8:45-9:45a PT

  • Oral Abstract OAD0804: Partner social support and sexual satisfaction is associated with lower anticipated HIV stigma in Malawian couples living with HIV
    Presenter: Amy Conroy, UCSF
    Time: 12:03-12:11p ET/9:03-9:11a PT


EP01-B22, Poster EPB100: Women with HIV are at higher risk for obstructive lung disease in Kampala, Uganda after pulmonary tuberculosis
Presenter: Rebecca Abelman, UCSF

EP01-C7, Poster EPC032: 90-90-90 targets for engagement in HIV care have been met for trans women in San Francisco, yet challenges remain
Presenter: Izzy Chiu, SFDPH

EP01-B37, Poster EPB186: Early Implementation and Clinical Outcomes of Long-Acting Injectable Cabotegravir and Rilpivirine in a Safety-Net HIV Clinic
Presenter: Kat Christopoulos, UCSF

EP01-C14, Poster EPC098: Comprehensive clinical care disruption for criminally-justice involved people living with HIV following implementation of Shelter-in-Place and decarceration
Presenter: Asa Clemenzi-Allen, SFDPH

EP01-B65, Poster PEMOB37: COVID-related barriers associated with suboptimal adherence during India's second "delta" wave: Results from a South India HIV cohort
Presenter: Maria Ekstrand, UCSF

EP01-D8, Poster EPD085: Use of alternative treatments for HIV and ART defaulting among MSM living with HIV in Accra, Ghana

Presenter: Akua Gyamerah, formerly UCSF

EP01-E4, Poster EPE093: Effect of a one-time financial incentive on linkage to chronic hypertension care in Kenya and Uganda: a randomized controlled trial
Presenter: Matt Hickey, UCSF

EP01-D20, Poster EPD276: Mechanisms linking Gender-Based Violence to worse HIV care and treatment outcomes among women in the United States
Presenter: Jennifer Jain, UCSF

EP01-C38, Poster EPC265: Health insurance and provider access among young MSM in the US: baseline results from the COMPARE Study
Presenter: Albert Liu, SFDPH

EP01-B29, Poster EPB131: Risk factors for frailty in a geriatric cohort on long term antiretroviral treatment in Uganda
Presenter: Phoebe Mbabazi, IDI (CFAR awardee)

EP01-E24, Poster EPE263: Understanding the impacts of climate change-related events on HIV care and prevention services: a qualitative analysis of provider perspectives across California
Presenter: Lissa Moran, UCSF

EP01-B36, Poster EPB178: Drug-drug interactions between antiretrovirals and remdesivir
Presenter: Hideaki Okochi, UCSF

EP01-B9, Poster PESAB03: High accuracy of an enzyme-linked immunoasssay for detection of tenofovir alafenamide: implications for point-of-care antiretroviral adherence monitoring
Presenter: Matthew Spinelli, UCSF

EP01-C68, Poster EPC452: Impact of COVID on PrEP use and HIV/STI testing: a community based survey of MSM, San Francisco
Presenter: Moranda Tate, UCSF

EP01-D40, Poster EPD437: Trans women, HIV and the carceral system: a profile of trans women in San Francisco
Presenter: Kelly Taylor, UCSF

EP01-C34, Poster EPC194: People who inject drugs: missed opportunities to discuss HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis
Presenter: Wilson Vincent, formerly UCSF

EP01-D11, Poster EPD126: The effects of HIV-related structural discrimination on mental health outcomes for trans women, San Francisco
Presenter: Erin C. Wilson, SFDPH

César Cadabes
Community Engagement and Communications Program Analyst