Mentor Directory

Area of Research Research Description
Headshot of Satish Pillai
Satish Pillai, PhD
Basic Science

HIV Evolution, Pathogenesis, Systems Biology, CD4-Positive, T-Lymphocytes, HIV-1, Interferon-alpha

Headshot of Phillip Berman
Phillip Berman, PhD
Basic Science

AIDS vaccine, HIV, HIV-Infection, Recombinant Envelope Protein, HIV in Vitro, Collaborator at Genentech, Affordable vaccine

Headshot of Joel  Ernst
Joel Ernst, MD
Basic Science

Antigens, Bacteria; Interferon-gamma, Tuberculosis, Mycobacterium TB, Pulmonary TB

Headshot of Jay Levy
Jay Levy, MD (Emeritus)
Basic Science

HIV, HIV-1, HIV-2, HIV Infections, CD8-Positive T-Lymphocytes

Headshot of Paul Volberding
Paul Volberding, MD (Emeritus)
Clinical Science

Global Health, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, HIV Infections, Anti-HIV Agents, Antiretroviral Therapy, Anti-Retroviral Agents, International, Mentoring Early Career Investigators

Headshot of Jae Sevelius
Jae Sevelius, PhD (Emeritus)
Clinical Science

HIV, Transgender Programs, Healthcare Disparities, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

Headshot of Judy Hahn
Judy Hahn, PhD, MA
Clinical Science

Alcohol drinking, Hepatitis C, Uganda, Substance Abuse, Intravenous, Epidemiology, Infectious Disease

Headshot of Albert Liu
Albert Liu, MD, MPH
Clinical Science
Headshot of Phyllis Tien
Phyllis Tien, MD
Clinical Science

HIV infections, Infectious Diseases, HCV, Hepatitis C-Chronic, Antiretroviral Therapy, HIV-Associated lipodystrophy syndrome, Co-infection, WIHS

Headshot of Katerina Christopoulos
Katerina Christopoulos, MD, MPH
Clinical Science

Continuity of Patient Care, Emergency Service, Hospital; HIV Infections, Viral Load, Text Messaging

Headshot of Laurence Huang
Laurence Huang, MD
Clinical Science

Pneumocystis, Pneumocystis carinii, Pneumonia, TB, Pulmonary, AIDS-related opportunistic infections

Headshot of Peter Hunt
Peter Hunt, MD
Clinical Science

Inflammation, HIV-1, HIV Infections, Anti-HIV Agents, Lymphocyte Activation, CD4, Chronic Diseases, Aging, Translational Research, Uganda

Headshot of Jay Levy
Jay Levy, MD (Emeritus)
Clinical Science
Headshot of Eric Goosby
Eric Goosby, MD
Clinical Science

UN Special Envoy on Tuberculosis, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, Health Manpower, International Cooperation, National Health Programs, Global Health

Headshot of Sheri Weiser
Sheri Weiser, MD
Clinical Science

HIV Infections, Food Supply, Homeless Persons, ART,Medication Adherence, Social Stigma, Sub-Saharan Africa

Headshot of Jeffrey Martin
Jeffrey Martin, MD, MPH
Clinical Science

Epi, DB Research, Sarcoma, Kaposi, HIV-1, HIV Infections, Anti-HIV agents, Antiretroviral Therapy, East Africa

Headshot of Phillip Coffin
Phillip Coffin, MD, MIA
Clinical Science

Public Health Research, Infectious Disease, HIV, HIV Risk Behavior, Addiction Management, Substance Abuse, Drug Users, Overdose Prevention, Clinical Trials, Toxicology, Viral Hepatitis Care

Headshot of Elizabeth Fair
Elizabeth Fair, MD, PhD
Clinical Science

Tuberculosis, Urban health, Contact tracing

Headshot of Carol  Dawson-Rose
Carol Dawson-Rose, RN, PhD, FAAN
Clinical Science

Implementation Science, HIV Infectious, Self-efficacy, Socio-Economically Marginalized groups; Social Stigma, Counseling, Mentoring Junior Faculty 

Headshot of Jonathan Fuchs
Jonathan Fuchs, MD, MPH
Clinical Science

Public Health, HIV, HIV Prevention, STD, HIV Immunology, HIV Vaccine, Mentoring Junior Faculty

Headshot of Annie Luetkemeyer
Annie Luetkemeyer, MD
Clinical Science

ACTG, Clinical Trials, Antitubercular Agents, Antiviral Agents, Rifampin, TB, HIV Infections

Headshot of Francesca Aweeka
Francesca Aweeka, PharmD
Clinical Science

Analytical techniques for quantification of HIV, malaria, Antimalarials,TB and Oncology Drugs in Plasma

Headshot of Vivek Jain
Vivek Jain, MD, MAS
Clinical Science

CDC research, RNA, viral, HIV infection, Anti-HIV agents, viral load, antiretroviral agents

Headshot of Steven Deeks
Steven Deeks, MD
Clinical Science

HIV Cure, CD4-Positive T-lymphocytes, HIV-1, HIV Infections, Anti-HIV agents, Antiretroviral Therapy, Highly Active

Headshot of Elise Riley
Elise Riley, PhD
Clinical Science

Community Based Research, Homeless persons, Co-infections, Housing, HIV Infectious, Cocaine-related disorder

Headshot of Susan Buchbinder
Susan Buchbinder, MD
Clinical Science

Public Health, Director Bridge HIV, HIV Prevention, HIV Transmission, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Mentoring Junior Faculty

Headshot of Monica Gandhi
Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH
Clinical Science

Hair, HIV Infections, Anti-HIV Agents, Nevirapine, Bonzoxazines, Mentoring Junior Faculty

Headshot of Gabriel Chamie
Gabriel Chamie, MD
Clinical Science

HIV Infections, Mobile Health Units, Rural Population, TB, Uganda, 

Headshot of Robert Grant
Robert Grant , MD, MPH (Emeritus)
Clinical Science

Clinical Virology, HIV-1, AIDS, Viral epidemic patterns, Host and Viral Evolution, Epidemiology International

Headshot of Paula Lum
Paula Lum, MD, MPH
Clinical Science

Hepatitis B and C, Opioid Related Disorders, Substance Abuse, Intravenous

Headshot of Torsten Neilands
Torsten Neilands, PhD
Clinical Science

Statistics, Epi, Data Analysis, Sexual Behavior, Sexual Partners, HIV Infections, Homosexuality-Male, Medication Adherence

Headshot of Melanie Ott
Melanie Ott, PhD
Translational Science

HIV-1 and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Gene Expression Regulation, Viral; Hepacivirus, Virus Latency, Positive Transcriptional Elongation Factor B; tat Gene Products, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Dengue and Zika Virus

Headshot of Philip Norris
Philip Norris, MD
Translational Science

Viral, Blood Preservation, Transfusions, Molecular Biology, Isoantibodies, West Nile Faver, HIV Core Protein p24

Headshot of Matija Peterlin
Matija Peterlin, MD (Emeritus)
Translational Science

RNA polymerase II, Transcription, Genetic, Proto-Oncogene, Cyclin-Dependent Kinases, Positive Transcriptional Elongation Factor

Headshot of Joseph Wong
Joseph Wong, MD
Translational Science

Veterans Affairs (VA), Virology, DNA Viral,HIV, RNA Viral, HIV-1, HIV Infections 

Headshot of Nadia Roan
Nadia Roan, PhD
Translational Science

Mucosal, Cytof, Amyloid, Chlamydia Infections, Semen, HIV-1, RNA Sequencing

Headshot of Warner Greene
Warner Greene, MD, PhD
Translational Science

HIV-1, Semen, CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes, HIV-1, NF-kappa B, Virus Latency, International, Mentoring Junior Faculty

Headshot of Marguerita Lightfoot
Marguerita Lightfoot, PhD (Emeritus)
Behavioral Science

Behavioral science, Implementation Science, Children/youth, Socioeconomically marginalized groups, Persons with mental illness, Clinic, Community-based organization, School, Department of public health, Education, Motivational interviewing, mHealth, Social media, Web site, HIV/STI, Interdisciplinary research collaboration, Implementation & dissemination science.

Headshot of Orlando Harris
Orlando Harris, PhD, RN, FNP, MPH
Behavioral Science
Headshot of Mallory Johnson
Mallory Johnson, PhD
Behavioral Science

HIV Infections, Anti-HIV Agents, Sexual Partners, Patient Compliance, Medication Adherence, Mentoring Junior Faculty

Headshot of Carol Camlin
Carol Camlin, PhD, MPH
Behavioral Science

Social Demographer, OBGYN, Transients and Migrants, HIV Infections, Sick Role, Qualitative Research, Kenya

Headshot of Sheri Lippman
Sheri Lippman, PhD, MPH
Behavioral Science

Community engagement/ community mobilization, Multi-level interventions, Implementation science, International (public health) - South Africa / Brazil, Self-testing and point-of-care testing for STI/HIV, Evaluation of combination HIV prevention programming, Social epidemiology