CFAR Scientific Symposium

2009 CFAR Scientific Symposium: Biomedical Approaches to HIV Prevention

Presented in collaboration with UCSF's Center for AIDS Prevention Studies and the UCSF AIDS Research Institute, the 2009 symposium highlighted the most promising areas of biomedical HIV/AIDS prevention, with presentations spanning the spectrum of basic, clinical, translational, behavioral and international HIV/AIDS prevention research.



  • Biomedical Approaches to HIV Prevention
    Sten H. Vermund, MD, PhD

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Herpes Suppression

  • Getting to the Root of Adherence Measurement: Hair as a Biomarker in PrEP Trials
    Albert Liu, MD, MPH
  • HSV-2 Suppression for Prevention of HIV Acquisition and HIV Transmission
    Connie Celum, MD
  • Panel Discussion: Adherence and Methods for Improving Adherence
    Robert M. Grant, MD, MPH and Mallory O. Johnson, PhD

Male Circumcision and Antiretroviral Treatment as Prevention

  • Male Circumcision Trials: From Research to Practice
    Kawango Agot, PhD, MPH
  • Cultural Barriers to Male Circumcision in Rural Zimbabwe and South Africa
    Gertrude Sakutukwa, MMedSc
  • Effectiveness of ART to Prevent HIV Transmission and the Potential for Risk Compensation
    Craig Cohen, MD, MPH
  • Panel Discussion: Is There Risk Compensation?
    Wayne Steward, PhD, MPH and Robert M. Grant, MD, MPH

Implementing Evidence-Based Prevention

  • Beyond T2: Implementing Efficacious Prevention and Treatment Interventions
    George Rutherford, MD
  • Scaling Up Technical Assistance in Health System Strengthening
    Michael Reyes, MD, MPH
  • Investments to Engage Communities Will Result in Growth in the 'Scaleability' of Prevention
    Marguerita Lightfoot, PhD
  • Panel Discussion: Building Constituencies for Evidence-Based Prevention
    Grant Colfax, MD, MPH and Marguerita Lightfoot, PhD
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