CFAR Scientific Symposium

1999 CFAR Scientific Symposium: Biology of HIV

Deciphering the Biology of HIV for Prevention and Treatment

This was designed for all HIV/AIDS investigators. The symposium presented a comprehensive series of lectures. They reviewed the new basic, clinical, and behavioral studies providing insights into the biology of HIV prevention and treatment.

Keynote Address

  • Facing the Social and Behavioral Challenges of the AIDS Epidemic
    Margaret A. Chesney, PhD

Session 1

Moderator: Charles C.J. Carpenter, MD

  • New Insights into the Structure and Function of HIV Envelope Glycoproteins from CD4-Independent Virus
    James A. Hoxie, MD
  • HIV Coreceptors as Determinants of Disease Pathogenesis
    Mark A. Goldsmith, MD, PhD
  • Discussion

Session 2

Moderator: William T. Shearer, MD, PhD

  • Cyclophilin A Function in HIV-1 Replication and in CD4+ T Cells
    Jeremy Luban, MD
  • Entry Processes of HIV in Search of New Antiviral Targets
    Eric Hunter, PhD
  • Discussion

Breakout Sessions

  • Prospects for a protective HIV vaccine
    Jay Levy, MD and Fred Valentine, MD
  • Vertical transmission: where are we, where should we go?
    Karen Beckerman, MD and King Holmes, MD, PhD
  • Defining the immune response to HIV
    Joseph M. (Mike) McCune, MD, PhD and Kent Weinhold, PhD
  • The pathogenic impact of HIV resistance
    Robert Grant, MD, MPH, MS and Ronald I. Swanstrom, PhD
  • New molecular targets for HIV drug development
    Charles S. Craik, PhD and Flossie Wong-Staal, PhD

Session 3

Moderator: James O. Kahn, MD

  • Presentation
    Grace C. John, MD, MPH
  • Microbicides and the Prevention of HIV Transmission
    Sharon L. Hillier, PhD

Session 4

Moderator: Michael M. Lederman, MD

  • Applications of Developed Technologies in the Developing World
    Susan Allen, MD, MPH, DTM&H
  • The Consequences of Combination Anti-HIV Therapies in the Developed World
    Steven G. Deeks, MD