CFAR Scientific Symposium

1998 CFAR Scientific Symposium: Antiretroviral Therapy

Preventing HIV Breakthrough and Rebuilding Immune Function

Keynote Address

  • Immunity to HIV-Does it Matter?
    Bruce D. Walker, MD

Causes and Consequences of Virologic Failure

  • Latent Reservoirs for HIV -1: Implications For Virus Eradication
    Robert Siliciano, MD, PhD
  • HIV Therapy: Dynamics, Resistance and Reservoirs
    Doug Richman, MD
  • Targeting Cellular Factors: An Alternative to Control HIV Rebound and Rebuild Immune Function
    Franco Lori, MD
  • Behavior and Breakthrough
    Frederick M. Hecht, MD

Breakout Sessions

  • Is Eradication Possible?
  • Immune Preservation after Virologic Failure
  • Extending Therapy To Developing Countries

Rebuilding Immune Function

  • Prevalence of Antiviral Medication Use in a Probability Sample of HIV Seropositive MSMs in Major U.S. Cities
    Ronald D. Stall, PhD, MPH
  • Prevalence of Viral Drug Resistance
    Robert M. Grant, MD, MPH, MS
  • Predicting and Preventing the Emergence of Antiretroviral Drug Resistance in San Francisco
    Sally Blower, PhD
  • Viral and Cellular Dynamics in HIV Infected Lymphoid Tissue
    R. Pat Bucy, MD, PhD
  • Monitoring of Thymic Dependent T-Cell Regeneration
    Crystal Mackall, MD
  • T-Cell Production in HIV-1 Disease
    Joseph M. McCune, MD, PhD