Internal Advisory Board

In Fall 2019, the UCSF-Gladstone CFAR reconfigured and redesigned the function of its Internal Advisory Board (IAB). The purpose of the IAB is to provide strategic guidance and input to the new CFAR leadership as they brainstorm and plan new activities, develop policies and procedures, and evaluate existing cores and services moving into the competitive renewal due in August 2021.

A diversity of perspectives is vital to the functioning of the board. The committee represents a cross-section of HIV research at UCSF and our partner institutions. Standing members represent CFAR’s leading institutions or programs. The rest of the HIV research enterprise will be represented by members-at-large, currently being recruited.

We encourage members of the CFAR research community to contact their standing member or CFAR leadership with feedback for CFAR.

The board will meet on an as-needed basis, typically after the newly-established monthly Wednesday morning CFAR seminar. The next meeting will be held Wednesday November 13, 2019. 9am-10am. Contact Lauren Sterling for additional information.

Recruitment for members-at-large is underway. Nominations are accepted through 10/21/19.

Standing Members 

Designated delegates if members cannot attend are listed (in parentheses).

  • Susan Buchbinder, MD; San Francisco Department of Public Health (delegate Hyman Scott, MD, MPH; SFDPH)
  • Carol Dawson-Rose, RN, PhD, FAAN; UCSF School of Nursing (delegate Emily Tuthill, PhD; UCSF SON)
  • Joel Ernst, MD; UCSF Division of Experimental Medicine (delegate Peter Hunt, MD; UCSF DEM)
  • Diane Havlir, MD; UCSF Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases, and Global Medicine (delegate Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH; UCSF Division of HIV/ID/GM)
  • Marguerita Lightfoot, PhD; UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (delegate Mallory Johnson, PhD; UCSF CAPS)
  • Melanie Ott, PhD; Gladstone Institutes (delegate Nevan Krogan, PhD; Gladstone)
  • Satish Pillai, PhD; Vitalant Research Institute (delegate Philip Norris, PhD; Vitalant)
  • Steve Yukl, MD; San Francisco Veterans Association Medical Center/NCIRE (delegate Joe Wong, MD; SFVAMC)

Member Information