Specimen Processing & Banking Subcore


The Specimen Processing and Banking Subcore (for many years called the AIDS Specimen Bank) has since 1987 provided expertise and an infrastructure for the collection, processing and storage of biospecimens for CFAR.

AIDS Specimen Bank processing space


  • Biospecimen banking support for the dynamic SCOPE cohort (includes blood processing for plasma, serum & PBMCs; optimal storage and specimen disbursements) within the Clinical Core
  • Processing lab and specimen bank for the San Francisco site of the multi-institutional MACS/WIHS Combined Cohort Study (MWCCS)
  • Available for new and ancillary CFAR investigator projects


For inquiries about biospecimen banking services, current fee schedules, or to arrange a Zoom call about new projects, please complete our request form and/or contact Salman Mahboob.