Pharmacology of Cure and Pathogenesis Subcore


  • Co-Director Liusheng Huang, PhD
  • Co-Director Amelia Deitchman, PharmD, PhD

The Pharmacology of Cure and Pathogenesis Subcore supports domestic and international research with the overarching goal of optimizing treatment of HIV infected and co-infected patients. It is based at UCSF's Drug Research Unit (DRU), a state of the art pharmacology facility.


    • Clinical-translational pharmacology study design
    • Includes disease pathogenesis and biomarker analysis
    • Expert highly sensitive LC-MS/MS assay development and analysis
    • Typically require low sample volume (<50 mcL) while maintaining high sensitivity
    • Statistical and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (drug exposure—response analyses)
    • Exclusive computer cluster for computational work
    • Collaborative projects (planning and grant writing)
    • Help with some preliminary studies


    Available assays at the DRU