Immunology and Functional Genomics Subcore

Core Directors

The purpose of the immunology and functional genomics subcore—also known as the Core Immunology Lab—is to provide researchers with cytometry training, expertise and instruments to perform experiments.


  • Sample processing
  • Flow Cytometry assays
  • ScRNAseq (10X, BD Rhapsody)
  • Sample shipping

To access CIL services, or to ask questions, please contact the group at


Flow cytometry instrumentation from CIL/PFCC and Gladstone Flow Core:

Gladstone Flow Core

  • BD Fortessa X-20, 5 Laser, 19 parameter
  • Cytek Aurora, 3 Laser, 40 parameter
  • BD FACS Aria fusion sorter, 20 parameter
  • BD FACS Aria-II sorter, 17 parameter
  • Thermofisher Attune, 4 Laser, 14 parameter
  • Amnis Image-stream, 4 Laser, 6 parameter

Core Immunology Lab

  • BD LSR-II, 4 Laser, 13 parameter
  • Cytek Aurora, 5 Laser, 40 Parameter
  • BD FACS Aria-II sorter, 4 Laser, 13 parameter