Monkeypox Rapid Response Pilot Grant

Evaluation of Monkeypox natural history among MSM living with HIV or currently on PrEP in San Francisco

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In this study, we will develop a retrospective cohort and the cross-sectional study will be through a collaborative effort between SFDPH and UCSF, leveraging their clinical and research resources to evaluate the natural history and immunologic response of MSM who have been diagnosed with MPOX or vaccinated during the recent global outbreak. For the retrospective cohort, we will review the medical records of all patients who had a confirmed diagnosed with MPOX  at a clinical site. For the cross-sectional study, we will recruit up to 60 participants who either had (1) confirmed diagnosis of MPOX infection (n=20); (2) participants without a prior history of MPOX and who received at least one dose of JYNNEOS vaccine (n=20); and (3) participants with no history of MPOX and prior JYNNEOS vaccination who will serve as controls (n=20). Each of these participants will undergo blood sample collection at one time point; and those who have been diagnosed with MPOX will complete a survey of long-term sequel of any skin scarring.  The primary analysis plan will include descriptive statistics of cohort demographics, clinical and behavioral data.