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  • Professor and Associate Dean for Global Oral Health, UCSF School of Dentistry
  • Co-Director, AIDS Specimen Bank Core
  • Associate Director Emeritus


John S. Greenspan, BSc, BDS, PhD, FRCPath, ScD, FDSRCS (ENG), FKC.
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

John S. Greenspan is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Oral Pathology in the Department of Orofacial Sciences and the former Associate Dean for Global Oral Health in the School of Dentistry at UCSF. He is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Pathology in the School of Medicine. He is Director-Emeritus of the campuswide AIDS Research Institute at UCSF and is the founding Director of the UCSF Oral AIDS Center and of the UCSF AIDS Specimen Bank. He is a Member of the US National Academy of Medicine and was awarded the honorary degree of ScD by Georgetown University in 1990. He is a Fellow of King’s College, London. He was the Burroughs-Wellcome Professor of the UK Royal Society of Medicine for 1996-97 and the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) Distinguished Scientist Award recipient in 2010. The American Dental Association awarded him the 2012 triennial ADA Gold Medal Award for Dental Research. He was the UCSF Academic Senate Faculty Research Lecture in Translational Science Award recipient in 2014. He was 2001-2009 Associate Dean for Research of the School of Dentistry, preceded by 20 years service as a Divison then Department Chair. He is a Past-President of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) and of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). He is the founding President of the IADR Global Oral Health Inequalities Research Network (IADR-GOHIRN) and of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health’s Global Oral Health Interest Group (GOHIG). He has supervised and/or mentored over 120 physician/scientists, dentist/scientists and PhD scientists in aspects of pathology, AIDS/HIV, oral medicine and pathology and related topics. His research interests include the global health aspects of AIDS, notably studies of oral aspects of AIDS and the role of viruses in oral epithelial and salivary gland lesions.

He and his colleagues have made major contributions to HIV research and care, including the discovery of the lesion hairy leukoplakia, its association with EBV, and the significance of this and other oral lesions in the natural history of HIV diseases. He was the founding Director 2003-2010 of the International Sjogren’s Syndrome Registry (SICCA), a worldwide registry for this autoimmune disease, funded by the US-NIH. He has published over 300 papers and four books on oral aspects of AIDS, oral pathology, and immunopathology. He has been a featured speaker at many international meetings and has presented over 300 research papers and postgraduate courses.

A faculty member at UCSF since 1976, he has been Chair of the Faculty of the School of Dentistry, Chair of the San Francisco Division of the Academic Senate and has served on and chaired many Senate and campus, also Systemwide committees. He was previously Senior Lecturer/Consultant at the Royal Dental Hospital School of Dental Surgery as well as Consultant at St George’s Hospital and St John’s Hospital for Skin Disease in London, conducting the Royal’s Oral Pathology service and also responsible for the oral medicine clinic. He trained at the RDH (BDS) as well as at the Royal School Free Hospital School of Medicine (earning a BSC First in Anatomy), the Royal Postgraduate Medical School with AGE Pearse (PhD) and St George’s Hospital School of Medicine (M then FRCPath). He was born and went to school in London and nearby.

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