Spring 2015 Developmental Awards

The CFAR Developmental Core announces the following awards made in the Spring 2015 UCSF Resource Allocation Program (RAP) funding cycle.

Basic Science Award Program in HIV/AIDS

  • Anand Pai, PhD
    Quantifying the role of stochastic gene expression in HIV-1 latency establishment and reactivation
    SOM: Biochemistry & Biophysics
  • Jason Wojcechowskyj, PhD
    Genetic interaction analysis of HIV-1 Rev host regulatory networks
    The J. David Gladstone Institutes

International Mentored Scientist Award Program in HIV-AIDS

  • Thomas Odeny, MBChB, MPH
    ComHealth: Cost-effective mHealth strategy to improve long-term retention in HIV care for mother-baby pairs
    Kenya Medical Research Institute; Research Care and Training Program

Mentored Scientist Award Program in HIV/AIDS

  • Joanna Hellmuth, MD
    Influence of antiretroviral treatment in acute HIV on viral reservoir rormation in the CNS
    SOM: Neurology
  • Grace Turyasingura, BSc
    Global gene array, secretome analyses, and HIV infection analyses of foreskin epithelial cells upon exposure to cervicovaginal fluid from healthy vs. women with bacterial vaginosis!
    Infectious Diseases Institute, Kampala, Uganda

Pilot Award Program in HIV/AIDS

  • Mohamed Abdel Mohsen, PhD
    Reactivation of Latent HIV Using Recombinant Galectin-9
    SOM: Medicine
  • Sulggi Lee, MD, PhD
    Immunologic and virologic response to a single dose of Kansui herbal supplement in SIV infected macaques maintaining antiretroviral therapy (ART) mediated viral suppression​
    SOM: Medicine
  • Mike Reid, MD
    Evaluating the effect of metformin on immune recovery in HIV patients with diabetes
    SOM: Medicine