Sign up for the ESI lunch or a 1:1 meeting with February CFAR Seminar speaker, Dr. Robert Siliciano

Dr. Robert Siliciano, member of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Johns Hopkins Professor of Medicine and Microbiology, is coming to UCSF on Wednesday, February 12th to give a CFAR seminar, Understanding Barriers to HIV Cure

Dr. Robert F. Siliciano is a member of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and a Professor of Medicine and Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In 1995, his laboratory provided the first demonstration that latently infected memory CD4+ T cells were present in patients with HIV-1 infection. He went on to characterize this latent reservoir and to show that latently infected cells persist even in patients on prolonged highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). These studies indicated that eradication of HIV-1 infection with HAART alone would never be possible, a finding which led to a fundamental change in the treatment strategy for HIV-1 infection. This latent reservoir is now widely recognized as the major barrier to curing HIV-1 infection and is the subject of an intense international research effort. Dr. Siliciano’s laboratory has gone on to characterize the different forms of HIV-1 that persist in patients on HAART and to explore potential strategies for eradicating the virus from this and other reservoirs. In addition, Dr. Siliciano’s recent work has provided a theoretical foundation for the success of antiretroviral therapy in controlling HIV-1 replication. 

ESI Lunch with Dr. Siliciano
CFAR will be hosting a networking lunch for Early Stage Investigators with Dr. Siliciano from 12:15-1:30 on February 12th in the ZSFG Building 3 5th floor Conference Room B. Attendees will have the opportunity to either present a 2-3 slide distillation of their research or give a one minute elevator pitch to Dr. Siliciano and the other ESI colleagues. If you’re interested in attending that lunch, please complete this form by Monday 2/3: Note: Capacity is limited.

One-on-One Meetings with Dr. Siliciano
Based on your research interests, you may be interested in meeting with Dr. Siliciano. If you’re interested and available that day, please fill out this form by Monday 2/3 and CFAR will do our best to set up a meeting for you. Note: There are limited time slots for the 1-1 meetings.