International Facilities, Cohorts, & Cores

Laboratory in East Africa

Our Center's central goal is to facilitate scientific progress in HIV by providing the broadest community of member investigators with direct services and other means that result in important collaborative work. CFAR assembles scientific teams across our distributed research environment and supports those efforts with direct and indirect resources such as access to emerging technologies and availability of five dynamic scientific cores.

International Cores

Translational Research Laboratory in Uganda

The Translational Research Laboratory is a partnership between the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and the Infectious Diseases Institute at Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS). The Laboratory supports basic and translational science projects and facilitates training of laboratory-based health scientists. It supports 6 key areas of investigation Immunology, Virology, Pharmacokinetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Point of Care Diagnostics. It employs 6 full-time staff with 8 active research projects involving over 15 research collaborators. For additional information contact: Stefanie Sowinski, PhDOlive Mbabazi, Lab Manager.

SERVICES / TEST PERFORMED Translational Research Lab - Uganda; Ground Level Clinical Research /Dean's Building MakCHS. +256-772-471618
Point-of-Care Diagnostics Lateral Flow Assays (LFA) Lipoarabinomannan (LAM) LFA, Cryptococcal Antigen (CRAG) LFA, and Trinity Point of Care Syphilis Assay, TB LAMP...
Immunology Immunologyphenotyping, ELISA and ELISPOT assays, cell cultures...
Molecular Biology GeneXpert, Real-time quantitative detection parasites, pharmacogenetics studies, DNA amplification...
Pharmacokinetics Drug levels in serum, plasma, and saliva; Assays to detect drugs; Real-time PCR, DNA amplification....
Microbiology BACTEC blood culture for microbial growth, Fungal culture and serology...

Scientific Cores at UCSF

Each scientific core provides technical assistance to projects appropriate to our scientific mission, including the development of unique diagnostic assays, genomic tests and similar tools. Core directors are encouraged to support ground-breaking clinical developments or novel research initiatives by leveraging CFAR funding to acquire critical new equipment or develop new techniques and protocols.

East Africa Offices

The UCSF-Gladstone CFAR's offices in Nairobi, Kenya facilitates communication, linkages, and resource-sharing across UCSF-affiliated research groups collaborating in East Africa.

Cohorts and Collaboratives

  • Family AIDS Care & Education Services (FACES) is a collaborative partnership between UCSF and Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI).
  • The Uganda AIDS Rural Treatment Outcomes (UARTO) cohort, a clinic-based study of HIV-infected adults newly initiating antiretroviral therapy in Africa.
  • The Mbarara, Uganda Immune Suppression Syndrome (ISS) Clinic cohort, which captures the entire experience of a municipal HIV/AIDS clinic in Africa.
  • Makerere University / UCSF Research Collaboration
  • IeDEA Network (International Epidemiological Databases to Evaluate AIDS)