CFAR-GHS Strategic Retreat

Developing a Strategic Framework for UCSF Activity in East Africa

UCSF in East Africa

Slide from Craig Cohen, MD, MPH, UCSF-Gladstone CFAR Director of International Programs

In October 2012, CFAR and GHS co-hosted a full-day strategic retreat aimed at strengthening cross-disciplinary international collaborations across campus. East Africa was selected as the region of focus for this first retreat of its kind due to the significant UCSF presence and investments in that region, located at five primary sites: Kampala, and Mbarara, and Tororo in Uganda; Kisumu in Kenya; and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

  • See highlights of key cross-campus collaborative programs and projects in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Strategic Retreat

In addition to providing a platform for UCSF faculty and staff to exchange updates on successful programs and projects at the various East African sites, the CFAR-GHS retreat provided an opportunity for brainstorming on how to support cooperation and communication among key research groups working in East Africa. Participants considered a diverse set of issues -- including sharing available resources, identifying barriers and gaps, and managing common challenges -- and explored opportunities for building on existing efforts. This forum has stimulated a renewed, active dialogue across campus to forge new linkages, enhance trans-institutional efforts, and ultimately maximize collective impact across the region - towards a common goal of building capacity in East Africa. See retreat agenda.