Lessons learned from viral rebound after antiretroviral treatment interruption

  • Assistant Professor of Medicine, Infectious Disease, Director of Penn CFAR Virus and Reservoirs Core, University of Pennsylvania

Katharine Bar is a physician-scientist who studies the basic mechanisms and translational impact of virus transmission, pathogenesis, and persistence of HIV-1 and other viral pathogens. Her research aims to identify and characterize the viruses that establish productive infection and drive pathogenesis and persistence. Much of her recent work focuses on the translation of basic science discovery through preclinical testing in the nonhuman primate model (NHP) and human clinical trials. Her lab currently has two central areas of interest, (i) characterizing the viral dynamics and host immune responses during analytical treatment interruption (ATI), and (ii) developing NHP models that faithfully recapitulate HIV-1 pathogenesis, latency and rebound following ART cessation. As a clinical trialist, Dr. Bar leads studies of HIV prevention, treatment, and cure, as well as studies to prevent and treat COVID-19.