iPSC-monocyte EVs alter inflammation in HIV humanized mice

Bing has focused on peripheral biomarkers for neuroinflammation from HIV infection for over 20 years in Dr. Pulliam’s Lab. He has also been studying plasma extracellular vesicles (EVs) derived from neurons (nEV) in different neuroinflammatory diseases such as neuro-HIV, and COVID-19, etc. He has characterized and evaluated protein and miRNA biomarkers in these nEVs. His expertise includes experiment design and data analyses of high-throughput  cDNA array, protein arrays, PCR array, real-time RT-PCR, flow cytometry, protein assays, ELISA, molecular cloning and blood and brain tissue and cell cultures. Bing has also performed all statistical and bioinformatics analyses for most all peer-reviewed publications from the lab.