Implementation Science for HIV Prevention and Care: NIMH Perspective and Priorities

  • Christopher M Gordon, PhD Chief of the HIV Treatment and Translational Science Branch, Chair of the Department of Medicine, Division of AIDS Research at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), Bethesda, Maryland


Presentation from UCSF-GIVI CFAR's 14th Annual Research Symposium, Implementation Sciences and the Global response to HIV AIDS: Bringing Research to Reality - Locally, Nationally, Internationally, held Friday, October 25, 2013.

Christopher Gordon: Implementation Science for HIV Prevention and Care...

Presentation Slides

  • Implementation Science for HIV Prevention and Care: NIMH Perspective and Priorities
  • Shotdown goodness
  • Presentation Outline
  • NIMH Commitment: A quick look back
  • September 2013 NIMH-hosted meeting
  • What will our Program Announcement encourage?
  • Implementation Science for PrEP: A work in progress
  • Key PrEP Implementation Issues
  • Preject PrEPare (Fenway)
  • If You Build it, Will They Come? Early Experience Implementing PrEP in the US
  • 3. How the best optimize patient support to maximize adherence and minimize risk compensation?
  • PrEP and risk compensation: Assessing effect and preparing for rollout
  • Study Objectives
  • Implementation Science for HIV/AIDS Working Meeting: From Measuring to Closing the Gap
  • Loss to Follow-up at Each Step of the Cascade: Unknown Outcomes
  • Implementation of an evidence-based HIV/STD preventive intervention for FSWs in Mexico: Study overview and initial qualitative findings
  • Research Question
  • Figure 1. Implementation model: Organizational and Individual Factors Impacting Training and Evidence-Based Intervention (EBI)
  • Increasing the Availability and Acceptability of Male Circumcision in Zambia
  • Study Objectives
  • Some final thoughts on challenges and opportunities
  • The Latest Research Shows That We Really Should Do Something With All This Research
  • A few priority sustainability research questions
  • Program Sustainability Assessment Tool
  • Relatively less work in:
  • Using a Selected Model - Resources
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