Implementation Science for HIV Prevention and Care: NIMH Perspective and Priorities

  • Chief, HIV Treatment and Translational Science Branch, Division of AIDS Research, National Institute of Mental Health


Presentation from UCSF-GIVI CFAR's 14th Annual Research Symposium, Implementation Sciences and the Global response to HIV AIDS: Bringing Research to Reality - Locally, Nationally, Internationally, held Friday, October 25, 2013.

Christopher Gordon: Implementation Science for HIV Prevention and Care...

Presentation Slides

  • Implementation Science for HIV Prevention and Care: NIMH Perspective and Priorities
  • Shotdown goodness
  • Presentation Outline
  • NIMH Commitment: A quick look back
  • September 2013 NIMH-hosted meeting
  • What will our Program Announcement encourage?
  • Implementation Science for PrEP: A work in progress
  • Key PrEP Implementation Issues
  • Preject PrEPare (Fenway)
  • If You Build it, Will They Come? Early Experience Implementing PrEP in the US
  • 3. How the best optimize patient support to maximize adherence and minimize risk compensation?
  • PrEP and risk compensation: Assessing effect and preparing for rollout
  • Study Objectives
  • Implementation Science for HIV/AIDS Working Meeting: From Measuring to Closing the Gap
  • Loss to Follow-up at Each Step of the Cascade: Unknown Outcomes
  • Implementation of an evidence-based HIV/STD preventive intervention for FSWs in Mexico: Study overview and initial qualitative findings
  • Research Question
  • Figure 1. Implementation model: Organizational and Individual Factors Impacting Training and Evidence-Based Intervention (EBI)
  • Increasing the Availability and Acceptability of Male Circumcision in Zambia
  • Study Objectives
  • Some final thoughts on challenges and opportunities
  • The Latest Research Shows That We Really Should Do Something With All This Research
  • A few priority sustainability research questions
  • Program Sustainability Assessment Tool
  • Relatively less work in:
  • Using a Selected Model - Resources
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