CFAR 2007 Symposium -- HIV Research: The Next Generation

Add to Calendar 2007-02-06 08:00 2007-02-07 17:00 America/Los_Angeles CFAR 2007 Symposium -- HIV Research: The Next Generation Mahley Auditorium, Gladstone Institutes , Mission Bay

This two-day symposium focused on current and planned research being conducted by the next generation of HIV investigators with the University of California, San Francisco, the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology, the Blood Systems Research Institute, SF Department of Public Health (HIV Research Section), and other partner institutes. Research presentations spanned basic, clinical, epidemiologic, prevention, and translational science. The event fostered and facilitated multidisciplinary research collaborations by providing a forum for investigators from around the world to interact with their Bay Area-based peers.

Day 1 Presentations

Welcome: Paul A. Volberding, MD, Chief of the Medical Service, San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center; Professor and Vice Chair, UCSF, Department of Medicine; Co-Director, Center for AIDS Research

Clinical Investigation: Domestic

  • Tenofovir-Associated Renal Insufficiency: An Epidemiological to Candidate-Gene Study
    Debbie Lin, Msc Eng, MPP
  • New Insights into Human Papillomavirus and HIV in Men
    Peter Chin-Hong, MD
  • Heart to HAART: HIV and Atherosclerosis
    Priscilla Hsue, MD
  • Complications of HIV/HCV Coinfection
    Phyllis Tien, MD
  • A Tale of Two Studies: Project T and the PrEP Survey
    Albert Liu, MD, MPH
  • Evaluating HIV/AIDS Clinical Training: New Approaches to Measuring Effectiveness and Increasing Accountability
    Janet Myers, PhD, MPH
  • Adenovirus Serotype 35 as a Novel HIV Vaccine
    Jonathan Fuchs, MD, MPH

Clinical Investigation: International

  • HIV/Malaria Coinfection
    Sunil Parikh, MD, MPH
  • Oral Candidiasis as Surrogate Marker of HIVDisease Progression in Zimbabwe
    Caroline Shiboski, DDS, MPH, PhD
  • New Diagnostics for HIV-Associated Pulmonary Infections
    J. Lucian "Luke" Davis, MD
  • KSHV Seroprevalence among Children in a Population-Based Study in South Africa
    Lisa Butler, PhD, MPH
  • Marriage, Power, and HIV Risk: Insights From Research in South India
    Suneeta Krishnan, PhD

Translational Investigation

  • Role of T-Cell Activation in HIV Pathogenesis
    Peter Hunt, MD
  • The Impact of Elevated T-Cell Activation on T-Cell Differentiation, Function, and Signaling in Early HIV-1 Disease
    Jason Barbour, PhD, MHS
  • Host Immune Response among HIV Elite Controllers
    Brinda Emu, MD

Day 2 Presentations

Welcome: Warner C. Greene, MD, PhD, Director, Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology; Nick and Sue Hellman Endowed Professor of Translational Medicine;Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, UCSF; Co-Director, Center for AIDS Research

Clinical Investigation

  • Racial Differences in End-Stage Renal Disease Rates among U.S. Veterans with HIV versus Diabetes
    Andy Choi, MD
  • Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy Scale-Up in Kisumu, Kenya, on Sexual Risk Behaviors
    Craig Cohen, MD, MPH

Basic Investigation

  • Dendritic Cells Trans-Infect CD4 T Cells Primarily with Surface-Bound HIV-1 Virions
    Marielle Cavrois, PhD
  • Regulation of HIV Transcription by Tat Posttranslational Modifications
    Melanie Ott, MD, PhD
  • HMBA Induces HIV-1 Replication by Activating P-TE Fb via the PI 3-Kinase/Akt Pathway
    Xavier Contreras, PhD
  • Deciphering the Biology of APOBEC3G: Restricting HIV Infection and Alu Retrotransposition
    Ya-Lin Chiu, PhD
  • Newly Synthesized APOBEC3G Is Incorporated into HIV Virions, Inhibited by HIV RNA, and Subsequently Activated by RNase H
    Vanessa Soros, PhD
  • Correlates of B- and T-Cell Immune Response in Non-Pathogenic SIVagm Infection in African Green Monkeys
    David Favre, DVM, PhD
  • Suppression of HIV replication by CD8+ cells
    Scott Killian, PhD
  • Primary HIV-1 Infection Involvement of the Nervous System of HIV Disease
    Serena Spudich, MD
  • Cytolytic CD4+ T Cells Induce HIV-1 Escape Variants in Vitro
    Morita Pagan, PhD

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