Clinical and Population Sciences Core Research

Key Studies and Cohorts

The Core has an active role in several of the most significant human subjects studies of HIV disease at UCSF. These studies constitute a Core resource for the entire UCSF HIV/AIDS research community and include:

  • The Options Project of persons recently infected with HIV
  • The SCOPE Cohort, a clinic-based cohort study of chronically-infected individuals
  • The Uganda AIDS Rural Treatment Outcomes (UARTO) cohort, a clinic-based study of HIV-infected adults newly initiating antiretroviral therapy in Africa
  • The Mbarara, Uganda Immune Suppression Syndrome (ISS) Clinic Cohort, which captures the entire experience of a municipal HIV/AIDS clinic in Africa
  • The CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS), a collaboration of 9 CFAR centers who conduct outcomes research using a system of combined electronic medical records.

In each of these projects, the Core has an active role in study design, implementation, and/or analysis; in two of the studies (SCOPE and UARTO) the Core serves as the Data Coordinating Center. In the SCOPE study, the entire cohort is managed by the Core.

The Core also contributes protocol and cohort characterization to translational HIV/AIDS studies proposed to the UCSF Adult Clinical Trials Group (ACTG).