Uptake of PrEP in the Real World Demonstration Projectities

  • Oliver Bacon, MD, MPH
    Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF Medical Center; Infectious disease specialist, San Francisco General Hospital Positive Health Program

Oliver Bacon: Uptake of PrEP in the Real World Demonstration Project

Presentation Slides

  • PrEP Imlementation: From RCTs to the Clinic
  • Take Home
  • Tools in the HIV Prevention Toolkit: Pros and Cons
  • Why New Tools?
  • PrEP in 2013
  • Why FTC/TDF for PrEP?
  • What do we know from RCTs of FTC/TDF for PREP?
  • Design of PrEP RCTs
  • Phase III PrEP Studies
  • iPrEx Outcomes-1
  • iPrEx Outcomes-2
  • iPrEx: Numbers of Sexual Partners
  • iPrEx: Condom Use With High-Risk Sex
  • iPrEX take-home
  • Beyond Clinical Trials
  • FDA Approval of TDF/FTC for PrEP
  • U.S. PrEP Prescribing 1/2011-3/2013
  • The Demo Project
  • PrEP Demonstration Project Sites
  • Clinic Referral/Self Referral algorithm
  • Demo Project Visits
  • PrEP eligibility and uptake, by site
  • Lessons Learned (Prelim)
  • 1. Community engagement is critical
  • 2. Importance of early planning for future PrEP access
  • SF Bay Area PrEP Provider survey
  • 3. Anticipate and address PrEP-related stigma
  • 4. Opportunity for identifying hyperacute HIV infections and assessing impact of PrEP/early treatment
  • PrEP Research Agenda
  • Acknowledgements
  • Thanks!