The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the State of the Treatment Response

  • United Nations Special Envoy on Tuberculosis
    Director, Center for Implementation Sciences, UCSF Global Health Sciences
    Member, CFAR Scientific Council


Presentation from UCSF-GIVI CFAR's 14th Annual Research Symposium, Implementation Sciences and the Global response to HIV AIDS: Bringing Research to Reality - Locally, Nationally, Internationally, held Friday, October 25, 2013.

Presentation Slides

  • The Road to Achieving an AIDS free Generation
  • The Path to 6 Million
  • Reaching the Tipping Point
  • ART: Reaching the Tipping Point
  • Treatment Coverage & Ratio of Newly Infected Adults to Net New Adults on Treatment in Generalized Epidemic Across PEPFAR Portfolios
  • PMTCT: Increase Coverage, Eliminate MTCT & Keep Mothers Alive
  • Controlling the HIV Epidemic What must be continued
  • A Bold Vision for an AIDS-free Generation
  • PEPFAR Blueprint: Four Roadmaps
  • Roadmap: Saving Lives
  • Scenario 1: Countries below the Tipping Point More ART from 350 to 550 cells/mm
  • Scenario 2: Countries at the Tipping Point Improves coverage at 350 cells/mm for ART
  • Scenario 3: Countries above the Tipping Point Aggressive scale-up of combination interventions - PMTCT, ART VMMC
  • Treatment for Pregnant Women: Virtual Elimination of MTCT of HIV
  • Retention & the Leaky PMTCT & Peds Cascade
  • Malawi's B+ and Overall Initiations
  • Critical Need for Focused Effort on Peds ART
  • Modeled HIV Infections Averted by 2025 if 80% of adult males circumcised in 5 years
  • Roadmap: Smart Investments
  • ART Reduces Mortality and Prevents TB Incidence
  • Finding Efficiencies in ART Scale Up
  • Using Economic Data to Save More Lives
  • Lowering Costs through Innovative Programs
  • Roadmap: Driving Results with Science
  • PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board Overview
  • Strengthening Sciences-Oriented Institutional Capacity
  • MEPI Cont'd
  • Using Science to Optimize Treatment
  • Xpert MTB/RIF: A Revolution in TB Diagnosis
  • Established the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM)
  • Development & Implementation of Innovative Tools: Improved Laboratory Quality Systems
  • Roadmap: Shared Responsibility
  • Sharing the Financial Responsibility
  • Emerging Issues How to address drug resistance?
  • Prevalence of HIVDR at Initiation: Trends over time since ART rollout
  • HIV Drug Resistance (HIV DR)
  • 2nd Line ART
  • PEPFAR Supported Efforts to Scale-up Viral Load
  • Delaying the need for second line: PEPFAR Quality and Retention Strategies
  • PEPFAR HIVDR Surveillance Strategy - 2013
  • Developement & Implementation of Innovative Tools: Improved Laboratory Quality Systems
  • Roadmap: Shared Responsibility
  • Thank You