Funding Resources

To assist HIV/AIDS scientists at UCSF and our partner institutes in developing extramural funding, our Administrative Core reviews HIV-relevant program and grant announcements and posts this funding information on our website. In addition, we distribute an electronic update of announced and pending funding opportunities to all CFAR members, with particular emphasis on program grant announcements focused on translational projects. This update lists federal grant opportunities, state, and private foundation programs for HIV/AIDS research. Subscribe online to receive CFAR's updates.

Recent NIH Funding Opportunities

  Number   Title  Dates  
RFA-HL-14-031Request For Applications for a New HIV/Aging Pilot Program
LOI: 2/3/2014
APP: 3/17/2014
PA-14-027Administrative Supplements for Research on Sex/Gender Differences (Admin Supp)
APP: 2/6/2014
RFA-HL-14-031Development of an NIH BD2K Data Discovery Index Coordination Consortium (U24)
LOI: 2/6/2014
APP: 3/6/2014
RFA-AI-14-001International Collaborations in Infectious Diseases Research (U01)
LOI: 2/7/2014
APP: 3/7/2014
RFA-AI-14-002International Collaborations in Infectious Diseases Research (U19)
LOI: 2/7/2014
APP: 3/7/2014
RFA-HG-14-007Mentored Career Development Award in Biomedical Big Data Science for Clinicians and Doctorally Prepared Scientists (K01)
LOI: 3/1/2014
APP: 4/1/2014
RFA-RM-13-022Revisions to Add Single Cell Analysis to Active Research Projects (R01)
LOI: 3/4/2014
APP: 4/4/2014
RFA-RM-13-021Exceptionally Innovative Tools and Technologies for Single Cell Analysis (R21)
LOI: 3/4/2014
APP: 4/4/2014
RFA-RM-13-020Validation and Advanced Development of Technologies for the Study of Biological Properties of Single Cells (R33)
LOI: 3/4/2014
APP: 4/4/2014
RFA-AI-14-009U.S.-South Africa Program for Collaborative Biomedical Research (R01)
LOI: 3/22/2014
APP: 4/22/2014
PAR-14-080International Research in Infectious Diseases, including AIDS (R01)
LOI: 4/22/2014
APP: 5/22/2014
RFA-AI-13-055Pilot Clinical Trials to Eliminate the Latent HIV Reservoir (U01)
LOI: 6/15/2014
APP: 7/15/2014
RFA-AI-14-004Beyond HAART:  Innovative Approaches to Cure HIV-1 (U19)
LOI: 6/28/2014
APP: 7/28/2014
PA-14-094HIV Infection of the Central Nervous System (R01)
Standard AIDS dates apply
PA-12-105Functional Glycomics in HIV Vaccine Design (R01) (R21)
Standard AIDS dates apply
PAR-13-055Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (R01)
Standard AIDS dates apply
PA-13-377Research on Malignancies in the Context of HIV/AIDS (R01)
Standard AIDS dates apply

Additional Funding Opportunities

2015 HHMI Investigator Competition